Friday, December 25, 2020

Rituals of LIGHT

I give you great love and blessings on this Christmas day, dear possums! I think our Christmas Eve class went very well all things considered. I had a gaggle of technical issues (could not print out my talk outline, etc.) just before we started which threw me off so it was not at all what I wanted or intended it to be . . . but, I am on my permanent SURRENDER so I had to just let it go and go with the flow. No one was harmed in the making of this livestream, so all-in-all I am calling it a success!

NOW, onward and upward! Sunday marks the final week of this Symposium (and of THIS blog) and we kick it off with "Rituals of LIGHT" which goes very well with all that I am studying right now. And THIS will take us VERY FAR in working with our subconscious mind at the SOUL level. 

Christmas is no day off for Alchemists and Wizards such as myself ;) Therefore, I will be happily joyously peacefully preparing for what is next, as the head Visionary of this Lodge of Love. The Palace is quiet today of course, but I will shower later and head out to the grocery store for supplied and to gather up a holiday FEAST for I shall us up ALL my extra WW points today for sure as I celebrate the birth of this NEW PARADIGM within us!

Love and blessings to you all! May your day be lit by sparkling magic and light. 

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