Saturday, September 5, 2020


Sir Jacob - what can I say other than you are SIMPLY THE BEST! (I love that song and it describes just how I feel about you and your boutique ministry!)

Lord knows I have been around the spiritual block for a very long time, but YOU are my FAVORITE teacher of all time, bar none! I see you as the real deal who walks the talk, and talks in a way I can hear and understand even if I don't always "do" so great at living it sometimes. 

Attached is my "widow's mite" tithe as I get back on that train at last. From here on if I find a dime on the ground, YOU get a penny as my spiritual teacher. When you quoted Marianne writing you the note that NO ONE had done for her what you had, I had to agree. NO ONE in my life has been there as consistently as you have. I've come and gone since I started with you in the 90's at Unity, but you have never wavered and now are here for us more than ever. Even my very expensive therapist back in the day did not return my message as quickly as you do. 

Yes, I've seen em all and bought their books and workshops and been a devotee to the max, but they are no Jacob Glass! When I think of all the money I spent on crystals and "experts" and aura cleansers and life coaches and all kinds of other things that just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic when all I had to do was listen to the very simple things I heard you say at Unity a million years ago - damn! What a long way around I took. I am so happy that journey is finally over. I'm back and here to stay. 

YOU are here for us every day, 365 days a year. Most authors write a book and then let their secretary and volunteers run everything. Even your beloved Catherine Ponder hasn't written a book or been heard from for decades while YOU are so engaged and available - so thank you for that and in particular for all the videos you are doing for us now. I threw out my Ponder affirmations and now carry your I AM Meditations book around like a bible. It's my lifeline to sanity and spiritual simplicity. You are so talented in making all of this easy peasy for us possums. 

Bless you Sir Jacob and thank you for helping me and all of us stay on our highlighted route! #thisshitreallydoeswork

I adore you!