Friday, September 11, 2020

Children Will Listen

 Dear Sir Jacob,

Thank you for all of the FABULOUS talks, memes, and meditations.  I loved Sunday's talk SO very much, and class this week was also stellar (and I LOVED the meditation!!!).  Both of them will be revisited often; the information is golden and set my spirit on fire with inspiration!  As you were saying in class, I certainly have my moments of doubts and judgments, but I feel so well-trained in cleaning up my vibration (thanks to you!).  Over the past week, I really noticed where I was trying to control/ police others, or judging their lives and choices.  I made it my mantra this week whenever I came across those thoughts:  "how can I clean up my vibration about this?"  I cannot tell you how much I love this!!!!  It feels SO good to remember that I get to let go, release the hostages, let everyone off the hook, and focus on where I can let even more good flow into my life.  It is the ultimate freedom!!!!

I also have been extra grateful for your books this week.  My 4-year old daughter was feeling scared with the amount of wildfire smoke in our area right now.  The way I was trying to comfort her and explain things to her didn't seem to be working, when all of a sudden I had this Divine idea:  "read to her from Jacob's books."  I sat down with her and read some of the prayers from The Miracle Worker's Handbook, and have been also reading from the I Am Meditations and Power Thoughts for Young Adults and Teens.  She has been far less anxious and loves having that reading time together.  I also love that these thoughts are seeping into her consciousness and will become part of her thought system.  And, major bonus/ happy side-effect, I feel so much more calm and serene afterwards too!   I've also taught all of my children the "it is passing" affirmation, and we start the day visualizing crystalline, brilliant clear skies.  It is passing!  And so it is!

Thank you for all you do.  I continue to hold the high watch every day for you, our amazing group, and this beautiful ministry.  I love being in the God Bubble and thriving in prosperous, happy ways!  I am sending so much love to you; may you be blessed in endless ways now and always!

In Sincere, Lavish, Happy Gratitude,

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  1. My day is set! Thank you Jill and that 4 year old miracle worker! And always thank you Jacob. Love Lyn