Friday, July 17, 2020

Letting Go Creates Magic

Happy tithing day/ Friday/ glorious summer, Sir Jacob! 

I am LOVING the classes so much lately. The situation in the muggle world has been such a blessing in disguise in terms of bringing me deeper into Principle. One of the things I love about what you teach is the SIMPLICITY of it. Simplicity is my jam these days, and it makes the process of peace readily available! I don't have to wait to cleanse my chakras, or get the right gemstones, or have the planets align. . . . I can just make a choice. I love that! I have found that my physical life is echoing that simplicity as well; as I pare down more and more spiritually, I have been letting go of so many physical things and simplifying my life in truly gratifying and uplifting ways. 

In the past couple of weeks, I have also uncovered some limiting beliefs and that has been fabulously healing. My husband had interviewed for a job that we both thought he was a shoo-in for. It would have been a huge step up financially, and it's something he's been working for for years. He didn't get the job, and I realized in that moment that I had made his job and his employer my source. Over the past week I have been letting go of all of those old stories and beliefs. . . . that I had to MAKE shit happen (in this case, I had to MAKE my husband get a better job somehow, as if with sheer force of will I could muscle it into being, and even as I write that I am seeing how ludicrous that is!). I am back on the highlighted route, affirming that GOD is my Source, appreciating the joyful blessings overflowing in my life, and instead of trying to make shit happen, seeing how easy I can let it get. This FEELS so much better! All of that willful manipulation is so stressful anyhow. I am so thankful for this opportunity to let go on an even deeper level. 

In conclusion, THANK YOU for all you do. Thank you for the wisdom you share; I am so happy to be a part of your ministry and our wonderful merry group of mystics. This shit works, and this is what I'm focusing on; letting go of all the other stuff that never yielded any fruit anyway! I absolutely adore you, and am sending you so much love and blessings. Looking forward to the next symposium!!! 

Love and joy always, M.

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