Friday, June 5, 2020

Fruitage Report

I also wanted to share a quick story with you. I started reading the Affirmative Prayer for Children from The Miracle Worker's Handbook to my younger kids each night after story time. I've been doing this faithfully for a few months now, and the other night, I started reading the prayer again, and my 6-year old daughter stopped me and recited the whole thing to me by memory! This week, in one of her online distance learning classes, the teacher asked her to share something with her class, and she recited the prayer to them! 

I love that it has just become a part of her consciousness like that, and it has inspired me to share more and more with my kids. I read each day from the Teen book to my older kids, but have also added the Affirmative Prayer for Teens to say with them each morning. Thank you for not only being a miracle in my life, but the lives of my children, too! 

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