Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sweet Prodigals and Backsliders

Ahh, over these 35 years of teaching I have seen a lot and learned and unlearned even more. 

One of the majors things I’ve learned is how simple this stuff really is. Simple, simple, simple. But as the Course tells us, “simplicity is very difficult for twisted minds.” Humans are funny that way.

I cannot possibly count the number of people who came limping in the door of the lectures, having exhausted “their way” of doing things and THIRSTY for the living water of Truth which I doled out in abundance.

Many many many times I watched the miracles happen as they PRACTICED the Principles. “Miracle” babies born, big inheritances coming through, finding big investments they didn’t even know they had, illnesses turned around, marriages healed, families restored, unemployed indebted couples both finding work and bonuses and advancement, the “mate is found,” houses sold at last, inner peace replacing decades of anxiety, joy replacing depression and on and on and on. Only to watch them drift off with weak excuses as they not very gradually go right back to where they were before and even worse as they decide now to “give to need” to “save the whales” or to their yoga sangha or to political causes instead of tithing, or to “save” for a future family catastrophe to come. 

God bless the prodigals and the backsliders. It’s just like someone who hires a personal trainer, gets super health and in-shape and then decides they are “okay” now and basically go right back to the old habits that take them to where they were before they started, plus 20 or 100 extra pounds and much deeper despair. It’s a cliche because it is so common. What is uncommon is doing what actually works. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Love Is The Thing

Hey Jacob,

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your teaching.  Your message throughout the pan-epidemic the muggle world is experiencing has been invaluable to me.  Instead of getting caught up in all the fear, I have been able to focus on my health and growing my trust in Source.  As a result, my health has made a great improvement.  I have lost 15 pounds and dropped a dress size.  My energy is increasing and I have more clarity.  The better it gets the better it gets!  I appreciate all the extra talks you have given to support us and these have really made a difference for me.  I needed the extra positive messages and the reminders to be careful about the information I take in.  

During the stay at home period, I realized I had not read all your books. I only read five and so I ordered the remaining five and read them.  I am on my second reading of Starve a Bully, Feed a Champion.  I read some of it everyday at lunch to lift me up for the afternoon.  

I am so grateful to have found you!  I needed your unique message.  I was studying ACIM for years and was depressed.  I found your method of combining ACIM with new thought to be just what I needed.  I am now more joyful.  Laughter has returned to my life and I feel lighter.  I discovered you from an article your wrote for the Miracle Distribution Center, liked what you had to say, and was drawn to you by the mention of your Crabby Angels No Bullshit Guide to Peace, Joy and Prosperity.  How I needed your message and your irreverence!  My years of spiritual studies got me so caught up in being "spiritual" that I forgot my true nature which is being an unconventional thinker. Growing up I had a gift to make people laugh and not take things so seriously.  Yet, as the years wore on, I became a very serious person.  Now it is like I have come back to life again.  I am doing fun things and my sense of humor has come back.  

Thank you!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Fruitage Report

I also wanted to share a quick story with you. I started reading the Affirmative Prayer for Children from The Miracle Worker's Handbook to my younger kids each night after story time. I've been doing this faithfully for a few months now, and the other night, I started reading the prayer again, and my 6-year old daughter stopped me and recited the whole thing to me by memory! This week, in one of her online distance learning classes, the teacher asked her to share something with her class, and she recited the prayer to them! 

I love that it has just become a part of her consciousness like that, and it has inspired me to share more and more with my kids. I read each day from the Teen book to my older kids, but have also added the Affirmative Prayer for Teens to say with them each morning. Thank you for not only being a miracle in my life, but the lives of my children, too! 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Be Still

Well beloveds, it's a brand new month! For this body, it is the very last month of the 50's before it turns 60 on July 1, starting my best decade ever so far as my fabulous Louise taught me to KNOW. You know, Louise is the one exception in my life of teachers who stayed with Truth all the way through. Every one of my other living spiritual teachers at some point veered away from Truth and Principle, which is one of the main reasons I always teach from the dead authors. None of the living ones kept to the Path - they all got drawn back to the war path of darkness and fighting on one level or other. Every single one. No blame or shame - it's just the way of it. War is very attractive on a war planet.

And so as I prepare to enter this new decade, I am recommitting yet again to standing still and seeing the Salvation of the Lord in my life, whether anyone comes along or not. Poor Moses did not get to enter the Promised Land simply because he let the people irritate him til he got off his highlighted route, which made him too vibrationally different to ENTER. He lost his faith and focused on the people instead of God. Every time he turned his back for a minute the people would go into fear and fall under the spell of the world again. Around here that means turning to conspiracy theories, social activism (which is just anger and fear), tarot cards, psychics, digging up the past, studying the separation, activating victim consciousness, nursing grudges and wounds and hurt feelings, taking everything personally, arguing for limitations and about a zillion other things that go waaaaay off the highlighted route. As for me and my house, I am IN the Promised Land!

So many of the New Thought spiritual teachers end up like Judas, trying to force Jesus' hand into SOCIAL ACTIVISM and #resisting evil. He wanted Jesus to start a #jewishlivesmatter movement to liberate them. But Jesus told them all that their bondage was their Consciousness - to LOVE their oppressors if they wanted to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. This was of course rejected then as it is now. Judas thought if he turned Jesus over, He would finally FIGHT in order to DEFEND and save Himself. Just shows how little attention Judas was paying all along. He was a social justice warrior, not a Mystic. And we see how he ended up. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Cause and effect.

I watched all my spiritual teachers (except Louise) begin using GUILT to manipulate people into doing what THEY are now doing - using works of the flesh to fight instead of standing in Truth. In the end, it just proves they never really believed to begin with. It was all just wishing and hoping - which is why there is so little actual healing in New Thought anymore. They are mostly social services for lonely people who have no interest in letting go of their story. Which is why this Lodge is such an oasis in the desert. I lost hundreds of people in 2006 when I became the Boot Camp Sargent and made a mandatory reading list in order to attend classes/lectures. BEST thing I ever did. There were many many dead branches bearing ZERO fruit. SO boring. Darkness and fear are SO FUCKING BORING and have been done to death. 

That was followed by a few years of imploring people, "HELP ME HELP YOU!" And then the folly and depressing nature of THAT became clear to me. And NOW, Jesus is like a fabulous broken record which keeps saying to me, "Teach My Course" and "LET GO JACOB, LET IT ALL GO." And that is the fabulous magic of it all. When I stand still and follow Directions, miracles and magic follow. I don't make my plans - I follow The Plan as it is given me. I'm standing still and STUDYING the LIGHT now. I continue to rise above the battlefield higher and higher, which has a lot to do with further leaving social media. I unfollowed about 50 groups on Facebook alone over the past 48 hours and now have in my clickstream ONLY what is vibrating HIGH.

And so, THIS has actually been the best year of my life so far!! That may sound insane to the muggles who are sure that this decade already sucks ass and is a nightmare. But that is because they have no Foundation. The rains and storms come and they are washed away like the sand they built on. It's not luck or happenstance. It's a choice - as everything is. Choose carefully possums. It could be the best month of your life so far - or not. Remember, our hashtag around here is #thisshitworks