Thursday, March 19, 2020

There is Also A Spiritual Pandemic

I was not finished with "Fuck It February." So, before I had ever heard of a Corona Virus or the absurdity of hoarding toilet paper, I decided to extend it into March, calling it "Mellow The Fuck Out March." I called myself on any tendency to not trust in the universe, noticing any time I was not practicing Faith Over Fear or not allowing miracles to happen. I would simply say to myself, "Hey, mellow the fuck out!" It immediately put my ego in check, and I returned to a peaceful place. It even took away the tendency to be a "goody good" and worry over thinking a negative thought. I could simply mellow the fuck out, and choose again! Magic! During this entire pandemic, I chose to post humorous memes, photos of animals and nature. Some people chose to put holiday lights on their homes in March! Opera companies began streaming converts for free! Good is happening all around. As I continued to give daily gratitude. I sometimes feel like an awakened former member of a cult where everyone else has taken the Kool-Aid. But there are always opportunities to mellow the fuck out and choose a positive life. Yesterday, against all conventional wisdom, my guidance said at 5:00 pm to go into the grocery stores. I imagined my list of items, and trusted they would be there, despite past experience with empty shelves and Trader Joe's looking like a disaster hit, with people pushing and shoving. I got everything I needed, and thanked the grocery store workers, letting them know I was praying for them. After the second store with the same experience, I realized I had gotten everything on my list, plus my favorite kind of ice cream on sale! I think Jacob's Crabby Angels have been with me recently in this teaching and practice. Even as I learned that as a County Worker, I will be continuing to serve the public. There is a lot of fear behind the scenes as workers do not know what will happen. But I have learned to mellow the fuck out. Other coworkers now come to me to find the positive in situations. I let them know we all have each other. Once, Jacob said in a lecture "Opportunity only knocks once....every moment." There is always in the moment a choice to mellow out and choose again. Thank you beautiful community for your love and prayers.

Monday, March 16, 2020

In the Sacred Cave of Silence

With love in you, you have no need except to extend it.
- A Course in Miracles

We have been preparing you for exactly this time for several years now. Each of Our books have been bricks in the foundation which is built on the Rock. As you know when your House is built on the Rock, the winds and storms still come, but you are safe inside weathering it all as you finally focus your attention away from meaningless things and listen, listen, listen. 

This is a metaphor but a VERY powerful and accurate one at this time. It is always metaphorical, but it may also be literal for many humans right now. This Sacred Cave of Silence and the House are WITHIN YOU always, though largely ignored or disbelieved as a sweet fantasy. But it is much more real than the world you see with your physical eyes. 

This is a huge shifting of Dimensions. We had Brother Jacob talk a lot about this in 2012 when many were waiting once again for the “world to end” in cataclysm. We had him let you know that these were VIBRATIONAL realities and a splitting of realities. You register whichever world you are vibrating in alignment with - most have chosen the world of attack, war, fighting, duality, opposition, politics, and division. But an ever-growing number have been doing their best to choose the Higher Frequency Plane of PEACE, JOY and DIVINE LOVE. Eight of your Earth years have made the gap between worlds greater and greater - but it is NEVER too late to change worlds. That goes BOTH ways.

Brother Jacob’s great affection for the Italians has only intensified as he sees them choosing to uplift and soothe one another in the midst of this great challenge. They are choosing to EXTEND their love by creating JOY, so you must understand the Sacred Cave is not a place of loneliness or separation at all. And if you look rightly, you will see many other countries doing similar things, including great kindness, philanthropy and sharing. In the lower vibration world/dimension you will see finger-pointing, blame, attack, fear, hoarding, fighting, vilifying and increasing the separation. The Silence We are talking about does not necessarily mean “no noise” - it is the silencing of the ego’s fearful shrieking.

You may remember that We told Jacob early this month that he needed to SHRED ALL PLANS for the next 8 weeks at least. We spent the past 6 months redesigning his entire life and the way he has done things for decades exactly for THIS time and as you know he had no idea why or what was going on. But he followed his Marching Orders remembering “trust would settle every problem now.”

IF you know God ONLY as your Source, your house is built on the Rock. Just the same, it may be very tempting to take the ego’s detour into fear at times. Be vigilant for the Kingdom and not for the illusion. As you know, We’ve been telling Jacob for many months to stop wasting his time making plans, plans, plans. This is NOT a time for human planning unless you want endless frustration, stress and suffering. This is a time for listening and receiving Peace and Inspiration. It is a time for focusing on LOVE and on extending it. It is not a time for taking any kind of scores. It is not a time for holding on, but of letting go. It is a time for PLAY and for focusing on what IS important in life instead of focusing on GETTING SOMEWHERE, DOING SHIT, ACHIEVING STUFF, MAKING PLANS, RUNNING AROUND, MAKING SHIT HAPPEN. That is OVER. It’s time for a real shift. Surrender, surrender, surrender to God’s Grace and Peace. This too shall pass, but YOU are in charge of your Consciousness while it passes. You can be in fear and resistance or in peace and gratitude.