Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lessons in Love

Hi Jacob,
                I had such a good and concrete learning experience.  My husband and I share a business client.  It is my responsibility to do all the higher level aspects as that is my experience and strength.  As we were in the middle of moving our client’s whole set up changed.  At the time, I just said that it would have to wait.  It is the most complex set up I have ever experienced.  We finally got moved and settled, though I was far from recovered, and I started working on it.

Then my daughter began the birth process for her adorable son.  It was a long process with about 8 days in the hospital total and lots of stress.  I spent much time at the hospital with her.  In between I was TRYING to get this project set up and going.  It kept causing me so much stress and finally I just had a huge melt down.  

There was so much tension between my husband and me that I wasn’t sure I could recover and go on with the relationship (we have been together for almost 50 years and are opposites).  I kept praying, listening to the recordings, and reading the daily blogs.  We made it and are still here.  After 4 months of working on it, I hit the wall again.  I felt like I wanted to quit, but knew that was a bad idea as it is a large part of our monthly income.  Luckily I left town for a week, so knew I couldn’t work on it anymore.  Last week, I started working on it again.  The same level of stress came up for me and I was so unsure of what to do – do I quit or keep pushing through.  Suddenly I realized that I had to tell a different story or it was not going to shift.  I wrote out a note as though I had finished it (like the lunch game idea, but only a few days in the future).  I surrendered it to God-within me, and read that note often over the next few days.  

Yesterday, I was able to finish it and now it is set up so my husband can begin to do his part easily and my part will also be so much easier.  I just had to get through this initial complexity and that is done!!  I get it now and am more committed than ever to giving everything to God-in-me.  Thank you so much for your teaching and support!!


Friday, August 23, 2019

Matching Vibrations

Aloha Jacob, 

I sat down and closed my eyes and meditated for a few minutes today. During that time I was soothing myself, doing a treatment, and aligning with our group. I opened my eyes after a few minutes when I felt complete. 30 seconds later the phone rang and a woman was inquiring about booking a private group class. During my meditation I was raising my vibration and visualizing myself being a match like you described in the blog entry from today. I love how this shit works. Listen, learn, and DO! I am “doing” now more and more. Thank you Jacob, I can feel your joy. 

I love the recordings now more than even. We may not laugh as much, but I am not here to be entertained, I am here to understand principle. Thank you for raising the vibration.