Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Back on Track

Hey brother Jacob,

There's really no way to articulate how wonderful you've been in my life the last few years. 

Thank you for reminding me to do my exercises through your posts this week.

If I can organize my thoughts sufficiently, I'll write you a longer message later with a detailed fruitage report.

For now, suffice to say that I went from emotionless/depressive to joyfully grateful over the last few days. Your words on Facebook and your blog may have saved my life.

Because the universe has perfect timing, Beyonce waited until I had turned back toward the light to release her new single. 😻

This is my new theme song.

I heard the wisdom of Neville echo through these lyrics (because you reminded me to read him). I had a nice cathartic joyful cry the first few times I listened.

I hope you enjoy, if you get a chance to listen.

Much love.


Thank you for letting your light shine.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Vibration, Vibration, Vibration

Jacob, today’s FB livestream was so fabulous and perfect for me.

This is perfect today!  I am doing the E2 book and yesterday’s lesson was using a vibration to have someone contact you.   Sooo it was my open studio.  A man who was liking and commenting on my art, and I’ve been saying to come by( I have met him and want to get to know him) was my vibe.   I also wasn’t sure this other women and him were ‘friends’.  She came yesterday and bought 4 pieces !!!!   We talked awhile etc.   I asked if she knew him and she said no.   When I looked back this morning I realized al this time that this profile was her using a different name online!!!! Which just proves how I don’t even know my best interest or what to make happen!!! So perfect to just put it all in the one goddess hands.   Whew!!!!

Exactly what I need in my tool box. 

Love you to pieces

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Love is the Miracle

Jacob - Hoping you are having the best birthday ever  🙂

Just wanted to say happy birthday and still think you are amazing!  I first heard you talk at Unity church 15 years ago and that was the beginning of a significant change in my life.  You were the catalyst for a deep awakening and transition to a more sane life, and I still learn every day.  Listening to your talks every week years ago was truly a blessing.  I believe that was the first time in my life I actually thought things might finally get better - and it was going to be up to me.  You showed us how to guide our thoughts and change our lives.  You have created countless ripples and what I learned from you I have shared with many over the years and so it continues.............

Happy birthday!
And thank you for all you have shared over the years.
much love,


Dear Jacob,

Seeing you at Spencers on Wednesday was a small answer to prayer. The previous night as I drifted off to sleep I said, "Thank you God for Jacob Glass's ministry." 

Without going into my "story", let's just say I was having a tough day!  I was sitting at the piano reading an excerpt from your I AM MEDITATIONS when you walked thru the door!  

Your wisdom and depth have helped me too many times to count.  

Thank you for your ministry!