Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Miracles Are Reciprocal

Hello my dear Brother J!  

I try not to be pest, but shit-working happens. As a C6/C7 quadriplegic for over 40 years, my well-being has been assisted by a host (Well over 100 to date!) of caregivers. Some have been licensed nurses, others just kindly souls willing to learn. (Kevin Hart hasn't applied yet!) My current caregiver literally saved my life when the nursing service she worked for began sending my team to a new account paying 3X more. After weeks of literal abandonment by her service (I had to engage a lawyer.), she risked her job and nursing licence by coming to help me after hours. Thanks to my lawyer's efforts, I was able to ditch the bogus service and hire her privately. 

Last week, after she expressed interest, I gave the shy, quiet, kindly lady a paperback copy of Starve a Bully, Feed a Champion. She showed up this week, book-in-hand, pumped like I've never seen her. She talked for over an hour about sharing her first "amazing" reading with her two best friends! 

I'm trying to take your advice about getting to the place where I can act like this Grace/Miracle stuff is just normal, but, DAMN!, That's easier said than done!  :-)


Monday, April 22, 2019

Felt His Way Into a New Job!

Hello Reverend, Doctor, Pastor, Bishop, Brilliant, Charming, Delightful, Classy, Sexy, Beautiful Mind Jacob Glass,
So many wonderful manifestations since my last update. Previously Divine Love was drawing to me all those customers who were willing and able to pay their bills. From there, we (our class) went into “How do we want to feel.” I began to do prayer treatments saying, “I want to feel good at work.” I want to feel relaxed, so relaxed that I don’t even think about watching the clock or waiting for lunch, breaks or time to go home.” “I want to feel empowered and competent in every situation that arises.” Well suddenly at work I started to feel just that way. But keep in mind I work in Small Business Collections for a large corporation. Although I was now getting all the right customers and my calls were pleasant, it was still a collections job.  So, one day while completely relaxed, happy and content; I just thought, “this is a suck job and I don’t want to be in this low vibration anymore.” I immediately begin to do treatments for the type of building, peers and supervisors I wanted. I said even to a friend, I don’t care what company I work for or what type of work I do. I am just focused on how I am “feeling” in the job and the vibration of the environment. 

Well Reverend, Doctor, Pastor, Bishop, Brilliant, Charming, Delightful, Classy, Sexy, Beautiful Mind Jacob Glass, I am now 6 weeks into a new job in HR Recruiting. Do you think people want to hear from me when I call them now?! Hell yes! Because now I’m calling people to let them know that they have an interview or are being considered for the job they’ve been seeking. I’ve gone all the way from being the man that no one wants to hear from to the man everyone wants to hear from, LOL! The building is nice and modern with free gourmet coffee and tea 24/7. They gave me a laptop the 1st day which I was never given in the previous company where I worked over 20 years (not always in collections). I can work from home on occasion and they even pay for my internet service at home since I use it for work on occasion. My take-home pay right now is the same as my previous job and when I finish training, it will be more than my previous job.  #thisshitreallyworks   

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Keeping the Faith

Hi Jacob,

I’ve been meaning to write you for awhile now about the incredible work you do and the absolutely amazing fruitage in my life.

Five years ago this coming May, I left my “secure” corporate job to help my 93 year old widowed mother who was in ailing health, and to finally get the family estate in order. My gut told me it was time since both my parents, being artists, weren’t the most organized people. They lived for the day and the moment— not necessarily a good thing when dealing with scattered storages spaces across 3 states that harbored 40 years of a life and a family gone by. To be honest, it was a mess. A giant mountain of memories and art. My brother told me, “Don’t do it John. You’re going to give up a great job to help mom and dad? Then where will you be? You’re going to regret this.”

As my mom’s health continued to worsen, I simply got to work on my consciousness and knew that God aka The Universe aka Source, and your endlessly beautiful affirmations, would get me through it. Actually, “getting through it” quickly faded away because I realized this was about my relationship to God in me. Our Monday night classes helped me study and understand my path. I surrendered, I chose, I studied and I learned that light can fill the darkness instantly— anytime, anywhere.

Slowly I started making headway into my parents storage units and after a year, all storage units were combined into a single unit here in Los Angeles. Family ghosts of memories and days gone past would confront me at every turn, but all I could think of is you talking about how Louise Hay simply opened her mail and answered the phone. And so I followed “circulation, not stagnation."

With my mother’s worsening age related dementia and desperate for help, I enrolled us in a UCLA Dementia Caregiver Study that would track my mother and I. I was asking for help and turned to Source constantly for guidance. I would backslide sometimes and then study my way back onto the path. God bless my Jacob journals.

And then a huge miracle of a realization occurred inside me— what if all of these belongings and artworks buried in dust for decades that I saw as a burden, were actually the path to freedom? Seeing my mother respond to these objects and paintings of her life, hidden in the shadows for years, I could see a shift inside her. I saw her understand a creative life that she used to have. I saw her smile and laugh about drawings she made in Mexico or paintings in Santa Monica. Her memory seemed to improve and I urged her to draw or paint again. 

In the meantime, my goal was to get my deceased father a New York dealer and a gallery show. Within one year my dad had not only 1 show in New York City, but he had 3. We were able to sell a paintings to the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was consistently vigilant about tithing. I had never tithed that much money in my life. You have said, “You can’t out give God.” I’m living proof of that because every year we have made and donated more and more money. My father’s art estate is now with one of the most respected galleries in New York City and we’ve had a total of 5 gallery shows in 3 years. 

As my father’s artistic success continued to climb, I told my mother we were going to do something with her beautiful drawings and paintings harbored in storage for way too long. She laughed, saying, “John, that’s in the past. Let it go.” Suddenly all I could think about was the HOW. And then I simply reminded myself that’s not my part— I need only vision what I choose to be true.  

Her first exhibition was in a tiny apartment gallery 2 years ago in Echo Park of drawings she did in the 1940s. It sold out. She received a rave review in the LA Times and now motivated, at the age of 96, she turned her second bedroom into a working studio for herself. I soon noticed her memory was getting much better. Now longer watching daytime television, she was connected once again to the creative spirit within herself. I would sometimes recite to her words from my Jacob journals. “This shit does indeed really work,” she would soon say with a laugh. The next summer she was in a group show “Made In LA" at The Hammer Museum. At 97, she was one of the break out stars of the exhibition. She was meeting people and continuing her artistic practice. It was at this time we received a letter from the UCLA Dementia program, letting us know that she had been kicked out of the program. Her loss of symptoms no longer warranted their care.

Then last fall my mom signed with one of the biggest galleries in the world. She had her first solo exhibition in NYC this past January (at the same time as my father was having a solo show 3 miles away at his gallery), and will have her first solo retrospective at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, London, this summer from May 23 to September 8.

"The better it gets, the better it gets" couldn’t be more true because then this week, my 98 year old mother was named by Time Magazine as one of their Global 100 Most Influential People of 2019. She is in the company of other beautiful women this year including Glenn Close, Nancy Pelosi, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama. 

HOW IS NOT OUR PART! There is no way I could have predicted any of this. I only had vision, opened the mail, answered the phone, tithed like a motherfucker, and studied my Jacob journals. 

Thank you Jacob. In less than 5 years, you have helped transform my life, and my family’s, forever. Fruitage indeed!


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Teen Miracles

Jacob - You are more than welcome. (Thank you for saying thank you!)

I wanted to share something cool w you. 

When I take my kids to school in the ams we always talk about what kind of day we are going to have. (Fun, loving, easy, etc.--my way of helping them set their minds to what they desire.) Last Monday daughter (14) says "Mom, can I read you something?" And goes into this beautiful, spiritual, affirmation about how she is deserving and loved and part of the Divine. 

I'm floored that she would be interested in something spiritual or choose to share like that.

In shock, I ask "Wow! Where did you get that babe?" 

"It's that book you gave me from Jacob." Emoji My mouth is gaping at this point, but I am SO stoked!

We get to school and I notice when she gets out of the car, she brings it with her--carrying it out of her backpack, in front of everyone. Another shocker! When I pick her up in the afternoon/how was ur day stuff, she goes on and on about how all her friends LOVED it and keep asking her to read passage after passage. Emoji

Isn't that fuckin RAD?!?! I thought you'd be delighted to hear that kids, that have no inclination/familiarity toward SOM teachings or religion in general, really resonate and love what you wrote. I'm delighted by it!

Congrats! And thank you.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Miraculous Mind Healing

“Are We starting to get through to you with this now? At all? Little bit maybe? It is the most important thing We have to teach you… ”

Dearest Brother Jacob,

Oh yes it is! 😉 Dan Harris’ latest book has been sandwiched between your latest Crabby Angels and Power Thoughts for a couple of months now, and the poor dear just can’t compete. Ellie or I always say: “Thank you, Jacob” when we’re done reading to one another; but, my lack of faith in the deeper theories about quantum physics goads me to say thank you a bit more tangibly from time-to-time.

After all these years, all your books (some twice), and the hundreds of other books we’ve read to each other over our morning coffee, you are the undisputed champion of no-bullshit-back-to-principle-motivation. Ironically, Ellie’s son seems to often get to the “do” part of “listen, learn, and do” faster than we do, but yes, it’s been sinking in and blossoming beautifully in all three of our lives! I tried to express that beauty (and give credit where credit was due!) in The Big God Theory, but even a book isn’t big enough!

So, another email reminder will have to suffice. We love you, and our gratitude is a daily source of joy and peace of mind, long at the top of our daily list of things to be thankful for. May all the grace we enjoy flow doubly into your life today….

Yours always,


A site visitor just submitted a new Contact Form

Message: A friend lent me a few of your cd’s about 2 months ago. Your talks have completely changed my world! I had been experiencing PTSD and trauma most of my life and your talks showed me it was all in my hands to change my thinking. WOW! So simply? I realized I had been stuck in a deep groove. Your talks, with your humor, wit and common sense, showed me the way out of that groove!!! Every morning, night and throughout the day I am repeating the affirmations and the word Joy. I can’t get over how powerful it is! Excited to have discovered your practices, and fortunate to be able to attend your talks in SB (till the end of the year)
A huge grateful thank you. G.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Aloha Miracles Continue

Aloha Jacob,

I hope you are enjoying the change in weather as we get into spring. I have so many great things to share. I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. Its worth mentioning  because the idea of an anniversary a couple of years ago would send me into panic but now I look forward celebrating and allowing my creative, thoughtful and romantic self to play. I now just see the anniversary as something to have fun with instead of resist.

I had a treatment session with you about a year and a half ago. We treated for my Aerial Yoga studio. I don’t think you’ll be surprised but #thishitworks. My studio closed last April after 5 years. I tried persistently to find another location but nothing came to me. In September a student of mine was able to secure a lease at my original space. For the past 6 months I have been teaching out of the same studio that I opened. Instead of big overhead, I rent the studio 3 times a week to teach. 

I had let go of the idea of opening another studio when this happened.

A friend of mine who is a hotel manger set up meeting that I didn’t want to go to with the hotel spa and fitness manager. After a brief meeting I was offered a space at the __________ hotel in Hawaii (you stayed at that hotel on your trip) to run my own activity. It’s an amazing opportunity. I am not being charged rent and they are building an outdoor structure on the 9th floor tennis deck. The structure will be complete the first week of May. This is an opportunity to do what I want and create my own activity for guests. 

I would like to have another treatment session with you. I want to start this new chapter clear, focused, and free from anxiety about BS in my head. Are you available next week to have a treatment session by phone or skype?

Thank you,


Friday, April 12, 2019

Defenselessness Works!

I'm still out of the country, but finished the sale yesterday on a condo here that had been pending for 8 years. It was a long process and I let go of it many times in my mind, or so I thought, but it's only been recently, as I've been working on prosperity and abundance with you that I've been improving my relationship with money and getting better about accepting that I really am a privileged ho, even without that sale. I had made the proceeds from that condo my idol.

It may seem obvious to get all Zen about this AFTER the settlement, but I got to a place in my life where I had increased my gratitude for everything I already had. I think the settlement could have only happened AFTER I got to that place where I felt abundant already, and realized I could generate money energetically (still working on that, so it's more consistent). If I had gotten this settlement before, I would have gone into that meeting angry and resentful. This time around, I was surrounded by supportive people I trust, and I had the confidence of knowing my power. I even hugged the opposing team hello! I don't care if they think I'm a stupid American on naive, but instead of it being a "fuck you," it's more of a "whatever, I know who I am." I also think getting the settlement before with my old attitude would have certainly led to my mismanaging funds, as I had in an earlier transaction with the buyer 8 years ago. That money went "poof" so quickly! Oh, so many thoughts and reflections from this saga.

Sorry so long. Anyway, this is a little tithe of thanksgiving as an antipasto, as I'm waiting for the safe and secure arrival of the international wire transfer. Doesn't that sound worldly and important? hahahaha! It should, because I am . . . 

A First Class, Five Star, Privileged Ho

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hitting the Reset Button DAILY

Jacob Honey

Something came up yesterday that put me in a tail-spin, but I was aware, and started immediately to change the story about it. 

I so don't like that crazy angst feeling, that it now is an almost immediate reminder, that I don't need to feel that way. I have the tools to change it. 

Then this morning, so apropos, pages 50 and 51 in  Crabby Angels Chronicles ( No Bullshit). Once again, a reset, and I could feel the calm. Your books, Your bootcamps, your videos, the CD's are all such a major part in keeping me on solid ground. 

I had a friend visit me from out of town, who knows your work, and she sucked me dry that weekend. I was thinking about how you have shared going to lunch with someone and realizing (I am paraphrasing) you may love them, but no more lunches. Knowing your work and "doing" your work - what you teach are completely two different things. AND it is like brushing your teeth, a few times a is simply not enough!!

Thank you so much again for all that you give.
My heart felt so full this morning, and I just wanted to let you know that my gratitude for Jacob Glass is never ending. 

Big Hugs and Love