Saturday, March 30, 2019

Creating Her Own Reality Update

Hi, hon! Yesterday 2 people took their cues and nailed their lines: “You just keep getting younger and younger,” and “You are always so slim. What is your secret?” Amazing! I absolutely LOVE scripting and have so much FUN doing it! 

Also, gurrrrrrl..this is truly the season for clearing out the old, bc a) my ex-husband from DC, whom I had not seen since mayyybe 2003 (divorced in 2001), showed up, unannounced, to my show one night. We were able to speak to each other with love (at least until my ego got into the convo in my head on the drive home) and exchange hugs. I actually got to the place of thanks for him and our experience together for a few hours there.

THEN b) some pending business related to another ex from 8 years ago looks like it will be resolved on April 9. Lots of exes! lol! Interesting that my PhD in Living Happily, Wealthily, and Healthily would include Acting and Speaking from Love. I guess FINALS are here, and I get to step up. 

This is by far my most challenging class, bc I can hold a grudge and argue the rightness of my position in my head til the end times. But I breathe, and I dissolve the past. God in me is my source, and I rest in God. He has it handled. 

Love you, hunny.  
One of your priviledged hos. 🤪🤪

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Miracle Companions

Jacob - I just want to assure you!

YOU ARE HEARD — i’ve had you in my head for years!!!  I wanted to know exactly - 27yrs and counting.

I did ACIM on/off about 2-3 times starting in 1985. I think the first lecture was in the summer of 1991, and I must of claimed you as mine pretty quickly because by Nov 1992, you married me and Orlando. From 1991. . . twice a week for years. . . then monthly I think you moved first, I stayed in SB till 2000. Then another 18 years in my periphery, with occasional lectures and two books acknowledging me (and i thought i was hiding).

Can’t wait to see you and converse with you, and actually have you answer! Your words  have been an intimate part of my journey … the calls are coming from inside the house!!!  

The retreat starts when you register! The energy has begun, having nothing to fix and still wanting to talk has me surrendering more to - that ‘need to know’, so iam does what IAM prompts!!

The ebbs and flows of LIFE’s movements somehow has kept me connected to you through the years. Sometimes wish it was more personal but then again, i don’t really do personal. Most friendships are so filled with hidden motivations and unexamined thoughts that I don’t even try.  What I have with you, I can hardly call friendship (we don’t talk, text) but it is so much deeper, profound, companion on the path.

Le me say it again — YOU ARE HEARD - you are GOD’s insistent, irreverent, outspoken, stubborn, committed, dedicated, delightful, inspiring stand up comic!! which to me means: you are as God’s created you - another brilliant, still small voice! shining in the chaos.

It seems outside the house . . .  you are talking to yourself in front of us! We get to hear God through Jacob(unicorn) because you only tell YOUR truth and the clearer you get, the clear YOUR truth gets — and we get it and hang out to hear you because we are ALL ONE!  And YOUR truth resonates with THE TRUTH so we recognize it and uphold it even if we forget it the minute we leave the lecture!!!

Love ya


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Miracle Baby Report

Hello Brother Jacob! I am sending along an extra tithe today, along with so much gratitude and thanks for the work you do. As I have committed more and more to Principle and living from a place of peace and joy, life continues to transform.... I continue to transform!

As you know, my husband and I were expecting our sixth child this month. We had found out during the pregnancy that our son would be born with multiple heart defects. I wanted to share with you just a few of the wonderful miracles that have taken place in the past few months, and the practices that have been so helpful to me in staying on the highlighted route!

You know I love my bullet points, so here we go!

- I use your book, The Miracle Worker’s Handbook, DAILY (and often multiple times a day). I read affirmative prayer treatments aloud each morning. During my pregnancy, I read the prayer for a healthy pregnancy, and the prayer for a sick child every single day. I cannot say enough about how this helped me to stay in a vibration of peace and healing!
- We were told in my pregnancy that our son, once born, would immediately be transferred to the NICU for tests and treatments (and possibly surgery). We were to expect a 2-6 week stay while they decided on a surgical plan. I visualized every day doctors handing my son to me and saying “it’s a miracle! He is perfectly healthy!”

-  Shortly after we got the news about our son’s heart issues, I meditated and received the guidance “God does not make mistakes”. Many of your talks at this time discussed how the body cannot be sick, and I held this truth in my mind and turned to it whenever I was tempted to think otherwise. I affirmed that my son was created perfect in every way!
- Throughout the pregnancy, we saw many doctors and specialists. I continuously affirmed “every hand that touches me is a healing, helpful hand”. This proved to be true! We were blessed with the best doctors, nurses, and other professionals. They were so helpful and guided us expertly and gently through the process.
- Our son was born on March 11. During the labor and delivery process,  because of his heart issues, there were many doctors and nurses in the delivery room. I imagined each one as having angel wings, and visualized Jesus there in the room with us. His birth went very well, and we had so many people there ready to help in the perfect way.
- He was born with a knot in his umbilical cord. The doctors were flabbergasted by this, and said it is extremely rare and a huge sign of luck and blessings!
- Our son spent his first week of life in the NICU. Although doctors were prepared for the worst due to his unusual heart condition, we kept getting good news every day! He was doing so well that his IV was removed on day 3 and he was able to start drinking breast milk. Every morning we received updates from his medical team. At one point the cardiologist said to me, “the diagnosis almost doesn’t matter right now; his heart is doing what it is supposed to do, despite the transposed great arteries, the single working ventricle, and the hole in his heart”. Every day our son did better and better, and out of the blue we were told we could go home much earlier than expected! Our son will still need surgery, but because he is doing so well, they’ve been able to postpone it until he is a few months older.
- During our stay in the NICU, we received miracle after miracle: a huge rainbow right outside the window; one of our son’s “roommates” was named Gabriel (Gabriel is one of our son’s middle names, after the archangel Gabriel who watches over children); a volunteer musician came and played beautiful dulcimer music right by our son’s bedside; our NICU nurse, I am absolutely convinced, was an angel and cared for our son like he was his own child; I could literally list more and more!

- Since we have been home, the miracles continue. I sit with my son every morning during his morning nap, and I continue to read affirmative prayers aloud to him (and to myself!). I also read from your I Am Meditations book, and then we read a chapter from either Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith, or Rev. Ike, and a lesson from ACIM. All of this is read aloud. Not only does it benefit me enormously to do this, I imagine the truth of the words sinking into my son’s subconscious mind.
-  I continue to write affirmations every morning, and keep up with my lists of positive aspects and miracles! And of course I listen to each class and take notes. So thankful for every single class and meditation you share; never doubt how truly life-changing and transformative they are!!!
- I am so thankful we were able to bring our boy home, and give him time to grow and gain strength before his surgery. I know as we approach that time, the perfect doctors and surgeons will be there to help us, and the gentle path of peace and miracles will continue to unfold for us.

Anyway, I knew this would be a long one, but I had to share how deeply thankful I am for everything I have learned from you. I am peaceful more often than not, and when I’m not, I get back on the peace wagon more quickly than ever. It brings me such joy to support your work and give back even a fraction of what you have given me. Thank you on behalf of myself, and my little miracle man! I am sending a few pictures as well. Sending you so much love!!!!

May you be blessed to infinity and beyond,
M. (and baby Alaric) 

Monday, March 25, 2019

DOING leads to miracles

Teacher, my Teacher!

This is a VERY long overdue letter of thanks and love to you. In fact, I think I “studied” with you for 15 years before I ever actually TRIED any of the dozens of spiritual tools you continually give us!! I am embarrassed to admit that I was one of those “spiritual entertainment” people who just seek and seek that you spoke of recently. Of course, that means nothing much happened in my life, and certainly nothing remotely miraculous. No manifestations. Still, I kept going to my bullshit psychics and healers and astrologers. You were still too far beyond me and yet way too simple. Thank goodness you never gave up on us and you keep showing up in that way you do. Thank you.

Today I found out that I am going to be receiving a very large inheritance which did not even exist a few years ago. I credit you. It was the DO part that you kept on pushing us toward that has made all the difference. When I stopped running around, seeking, going from thing to thing, and finally focused on DOING the boot camps and getting happy, my whole life started to change. You really are a teacher of teachers. I’ve tried them all from Anthony Robbins to Marianne to channelers and body workers and Elkhart with nothing to show for it but the money spent. I’m done searching. You’re stuck with me for life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot wait for your Palm Springs retreat! I’m flying in from across the globe and am hugging you while you flinch!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Personalized Jacob Retreat!

Here is how one woman has planned her own personalized spiritual retreat next month with me:


If i’m going to use you (with so much appreciation for your thought system!) to INCREASE my cork bobbing skills, I thought i’d create exactly what I want and see how it can merge and increase adding it to your vision.

(incredibly challenging practice - even knowing if i don’t ask i DEFINITELY won’t get. . . so what’s the risk within the peace of God?? 

I realized in Bootcamp #2 that I have refused to ask specifically for anything for years!! Expanding the edges of yet another thought system)

OK - this is my plan so far 

I’ve booked the flight out for MONDAY morning, I’ll hang out in LA until Class, then I’ll go to Carpinteria 

TUESDAY solitude at the beach! New SB experiences,  Lecture

Carpinteria WEDNESDAY (shop, play, maybe visit people, misc)

(Back for your input)
am session 1 closer to 11 (am traffic)
then i would review (marinate) and spend the night

am session 2 to fine tune the whole experience

then off to the airport

thanks for the miracles!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Working Miracles

Hey Bro!

My day deserves being put up on "this shit works!”   If you want to do it, i still haven’t tried but i do have a ‘false’ facebook page. I did it to see the video — which was so intense — i love it when you are on a roll! Weeks later I heard the class and the explanation — it made perfect sense to speak from power to the false thoughts. Even if they don’t hear it, we did. Anyway…

I like doing volunteer work!  I’ve enjoyed giving time to different organizations that speak to me, in different locations and decades.

Today I was called to assist with something extra - a young mother (24) with a 2 year old girl just arrived in Santa Fe from Guatemala. (She’s living with an uncle — add the details to that horrendous story). My task was to pick up the groceries donated to the mother by another organization and bring it to the office. Now, I know there is no one to drive the groceries to the mother and getting it to the office seemed - pointless. I got there and suggested I drive the food over and take a box of children’s clothing we had from the families in our programs. 

As all those calls, details, arrangements were being handled, I was waiting when another volunteer came in. We hadn’t met and began the regular meet&greet. OK - so Bootcamp #3, use a tool any tool, I decided to speak about all the regular news stuff but from my perspective of positive aspects (Pollyanna Rules! people are good and trying and in challenging situations). It was a pleasant interaction, she moved to her higher perspective and said, "Yes, if we would focus on the legions of miracles across the planet it would be amazing!” 

I love it when I talk to God about God, and God answers me!! Since we are all talking to ourselves and we are the SELF, it’s time for more fun!

Love your words - I have been using them as long as you’ve been saying them - oh the joy of arriving at the same place. I am as God created me and I’ve had the ruby slippers all along!

I’m driving the girl and her baby to a Hearing where they will remove the ankle bracelet - illegal crossing. She doesn’t speak english, her uncles and their wives are caring for her but can’t just drop everything … (and I was wondering which airport she arrived at!!)

Then the heart reminds me - Where would YOU(I) have me go. . . . . (do i want to go to the ICE office in downtown Albuquerque to advocate and translate, if needed, for this person - hell no!!) . . . and yet. . . the way that I feel Divine Love is by allowing Divine LOVE to move through me to whatever shows up!