Wednesday, February 13, 2019

So Real

I am not a seeker. I don't go to see other teachers. I don't take classes or read the latest spiritual best-sellers or go do retreats. I am the teacher. I stopped seeking decades ago because I FOUND what I was looking for and have devoted my entire life to serving That. I found It over 30 years ago and have been teaching and sharing it ever since. Most everything else in my life has been a distant third or fourth. I have no husband or boyfriend or children. I live far from my birth family. I have no social life at all to speak of and my life is simple, simple, simple. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and use the living room as my bedroom because the "bedroom" is a tiny chapel/classroom where I teach and counsel. 

When I began teaching in the mid 1980's, this was such a fringe movement that you could not even buy A Course in Miracles or the Science of Mind text and such in book stores - and there was no such thing as "online." This whole movement was for weirdos like myself. Now, the movement is saturated to the gills with teachers, coaches and gurus, few of who have any real idea what they are doing and yet they have a huge social media presence, podcasts, book tours, retreats and are giving all kinds of spiritual "life hacks" out. Good for them. I have no problem with that. Part of the American nightmare that has usurped spirituality like everything else. I watch em come, and I watch em go. 

But I am not a part of that world, or even of THE world as it is experienced by most. I sit in stillness with the Presence. I rarely leave a two mile radius of where I live. The wonderful world comes to me if Spirit sends them to me. The farthest I go from West Hollywood is to drive up to teach once a month in beautiful Santa Barbara, and once a year to teach down south in San Diego. I live in a space of JOY and the peace of God the vast majority of the time. 

I am up most every morning at 5 a.m. and the next 5 hours are spent in prayer, reading, writing to my students, and focusing on what matters most. Every day of the year I go out to a nice lunch where I have good food, a couple of glasses of wine, and I watch the cute guys walk by while I do my reading. I would say that's about all that's left of the "human" part of Jacob. Lunch is almost the only social interaction I have each day and I enjoy the fuck out of it. The rest of my life and days are simply me and the Presence within. Therefore, I am never ever alone. Every now and then a friend will join me for lunch and I will have that third glass of wine and for me it's like a HUGE party, because I really don't go to parties or concerts or movies or really anything else unless I am invited and Spirit moves me to say yes. 

I have no staff, no volunteers, no agent, no marketing, no "business strategy" and prefer it that way for the most part. Everything from the website to the classes, the book writing and designing and publishing, the church rental in SB, the mp3's - literally anything that happens is done by my own hands. I find it mostly to be meditative and it keeps ego in check to do it all myself. I have no savings, no retirement, nothing I own other than a 10 year old Honda. My life is lived entirely on faith, knowledge and Grace - has been since I left Pennsylvania in 1981. 

Someone who had not seen me in a long time saw a picture of me recently and said I looked "so real." I guess if I have a fucking "brand" that would be it. I'm 30 years older than when I started teaching professionally and I've gained weight, lost my hair and gotten a lot older. I am not trying to hide that or "fix" it. I found a long time ago that vanity and spiritual unfoldment are not compatible. So, even though I am in LA where it is anathema to be or at least look over 25, I have no botox, no fillers, no Rogaine, no facelift, no trainer, no anti-aging program.

I don't "hustle" or "grind" to "get" students or to make a buck. I have no trendy "new" ancient truths. And a lot of people have no idea that I am the real deal because we have so much FUN in my groups and the ego tells them that REAL spirituality is always HARD and takes WORK and is done by someone in a costume with a title. I gave up being impressed by costumes and titles when I left the Catholic church in my teens. The culture is easily impressed by appearances and p.r.  I have been around long enough and live in a city where it's so clear those things are smoke and mirrors. I think the Dalai Lama, the Pope and Eckhart Tolle are fine. If they want to come hear me speak they can come to class and pay their $20 like anyone else, but if they are 5 minutes late they won't get it. I'm just not interested in going to see them. They don't know or have anything that I haven't had for over 3 decades. We laugh a LOT in my classes so many have made the mistake of not taking me or what I'm doing seriously. Too bad for them. They missed it and went on searching and finding what I call "spiritual entertainment." 

I found the Real Thing a long long time ago, so I stopped searching and married That. It's not glamorous and has no tour package - it's too quiet for most people to know it when they are in the presence of it. And I long ago got over thinking there is something "special" about speaking in rented hotel ballrooms with lots of volunteers running around and a merchandise table in the back of the room. People want the glitter and the shiny things. That's totally cool for them, but it leaves me cold. I SEE the man behind the curtain while everyone is looking at the image of the great and powerful Oz being projected for all the egos to worship. Poor Oprah has NO idea what the Real deal is - she thought Anthony Robbins and John of God were great. 

A lot has happened in my life in the past couple of years. Many of my contemporaries have passed on, retired, or been busted for their inappropriate behavior. It has only helped to clarify for me that I am always exactly where the Presence assigned me to be when I gave my life to God. Because of that I'm teaching better than ever and enjoying it more than ever. It's still as exciting as it was when I first started and in many ways more so because I don't have all the bullshit illusions and attachments about it I once did. I don't know how much longer I'll be in this body (none of us knows when our assignment is over anyhow) but I have no big plans other than to keep right on standing in this Stillness telling the Spiritual Truth over and over to those who are sent.

I don't know anyone who has or does show up as consistently as I do for 30 years and I have zero plans for ever retiring or stopping. It is my joy and my passion and it is What I am married to. NONE of this is meant to impress you in any way. I'm just explaining the facts of the matter to clarify what I myself now know more clearly than ever before. If you want the real deal, it's right here. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Prospering Artist

Dear Jacob - This last bootcamp and few years have been the best years ever.
When you had us write our affirmations for July 2020, I printed mine out and hung it by my mirror (with all my 'stuff").  I say it in  morning as I start my day, feeling it often throughout the day!  I  sprinkle in parts of it  into conversations all the time.

The date was almost perfect you see, because I turn 62 in 2 years.  Part of this vision is 'retiring' and living this fabulous free artist life I was always too worried to live.  You see, I was a single mom, can't make money  much stuck in a low pay career...blah blah blah.  I didn't have a spiritual community around me I could connect to, so your online lectures and community was an awesome find. 

Fast forward two years.  So many things have happened already.  I had a solo art show in NYC,  I have fabulous fun friends and no longer feel lonely.  I also found people who jive with my spirituality.  My clinic recently got a new younger clinician.  I kid her that she is more woowoo than me (and she loves that!).  It is all so great NOW!  The weirdest part is somehow I have more money in the bank than I ever did....ever ever ever!  And somehow it seems that I have a retirement plan with funds.  I always thought I was screwing it up, because, well frankly I did not put money in a savings for the last 25 years.  But it all worked out (and nobody had to die).  

I don't know what will happen, I might croak tomorrow,  but it is so fabulous now with no worries.  The only thing that has changed is my consciousness.    

This shit works!     Thank you!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Calm and Patient


My Plumbing Truck, "PT" Yes. I name my vehicles.  It helps us to have a good relationship.  

Recently I was driving PT, and something didn't feel right. The 'front end' would make a funny noise when I braked, and it would veer to the right. I drove slowly to my mechanic.  He showed me a broken major suspension part in the front of PT.  My truck is 29 yrs old, Dodge no longer makes the part.  I found one in a local salvage yard, and spent $150 to purchase and install new parts on it.

Result:  it was the wrong part, and not returnable!  After calling local salvage yards, I came up empty.  I finally found a national salvage yard website, and I found a part in... Oregon!  They shipped it here.  I made sure it was the right part.  During this time, my mechanic informed me the main suspension spring was broken.  More to do!  New springs were available locally.  

Early on, I started treating, affirming and visualizing the whole process would come together as smoothly and economically as possible.  I have a good friend at a parts store, and he gave me a really good price on parts.  The manager at a front-end mechanic specialty shop helped with a lot of advice, even though my truck was not at his shop.  I visualized my mechanic calling me saying, "Your truck is  ready."  As has always been his phrase, upon completion.  I eventually got his call... "Your truck is ready."  Yay!!  And he discounted his price due to all the inconvenience and my hours securing parts. THEN, I had to drive PT to the front end specialist, for an alignment.  During that process,  he would be checking to make sure all the previous work was correct, and everything else was  right.  Me continuing my part, visualizing....   After a while, the manager walks into the waiting  room saying, "All done, your truck is running fine."  Double Yay!!  

Through this long process, taking two weeks, I had an Ally.  It helped me from becoming too
nervous with "what if's", and the like.  Faith.  My Rock.  A  good experience to remember for future challenges.     

Thank you for the oppty. to share!  F.            

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Post Santa Barbara

Ps I’m a big fan of Stephen Merchant (goody, lanky Brit and co creator of the Office with Ricky Gervais..he’s hilarious).

Your words ring true and are soooo what I needed as I continue to de-program me from believing I was a “co-dependent alcoholic” and I had a disease..or two! Ha..& “stinkin thinkin And on on and on..for life..never mind I haven’t drank in 14 years..) I can’t thank you enough for talking in a way that I get down in my bones. Which aren’t really there but you know what I mean.😘

Love to you!


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Dear Jacob, You are welcome! 

And a reminder Jacob YOU DO make a difference in people’s lives. 

Your last 6 months of lectures have been unbelievably helpful to me. A life raft or lighthouse in a sea of unskilled thinking. It’s as if you channeled almost every single one of them just for me on the topic of what I had been working through. Uncanny and so often!! You are incredibly gifted. I’m sure you hear that a lot. Some of us (even in SB) do listen, learn, and well, mostly “do” 😉 (it’s a practice to do more, more often).  

You inspire change and you always lessen suffering. Blessings to you. 

Thank you!! 



The whole class was so great but the health part was awesome. I just went for a physical for first time on 5 yrs and man did she try to get me in the loop. We redid my bone density and it was a tiny bit worse than 2015 and I was so glad it was only a tiny bit. Wrong answer, lol! 

Won't be doing that again. Geez!


Friday, February 8, 2019

Healing Fruitage

Hello Darling Jacob,

I want to share a little bit of my experience yesterday and today. I got the message yesterday my sister went to the emergency room Monday night with severe stomach pain. After all the tests they told her she had a large tumor on one of her ovaries and they didn't know if it was cancer or not. They were going to remove it test it and go from there. 

My family has seen this rodeo before many times my mom died of colon cancer after 2ish years of what I call living death. That's when I went in to treatment and sent out the request to the group for alignment.

After work I went to the hospital (hate hospitals) visited with her she was very scared although trying to be brave, that's her. After I got home I thought damn it I didn't treat the hospital or the doctors at all and  then I stopped and said so what, do it now. Every hand that touches her is a healing and she's in the best place she can be and all is well. 

Got up went to work waiting and treating. Message came about 10:30 they removed the tumor 15 centimeters but benign :))) saw her tonight and she is doing well. 

Thank you for all you do and helping me know how to handle life. 

Love you. 


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Monday, February 4, 2019

Putting Words in Their Mouths Works!

Jacob, here is my tithe, and can I just tell you that this shit works?

I did a scripting exercise a month ago, and several people studied their script and delivered perfect performances for me! One girl I met at an audition came up to me a few weeks ago, and told me how much she enjoyed my performance in Othello, and that she noted I was in a new play.

Another young director I've worked with sent me an email saying he had a part I'd be perfect in, and would I be interested in it. 

Finally, someone else who had seen me in Othello suggested to another casting director that he call me because I'm a strong character actor.

Cahrazy! This is a blast!

Thanks, Jacob!  


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Boot Camp Report!

Dear Brother Jacob,
Thank you for another extremely fruitful, transformational, inspiring, life-changing bootcamp!  I know we are not even at the end yet, but it has been so awesome and I am already very much looking forward to the next one!

Something about your bootcamps really helps to keep me on the straight and narrow!  With each one I have done, I feel like I experience the next one on an even deeper level and get even more out of it.  With this current bootcamp, I knew from day one I was going to commit myself wholly to the joyful practices and tools you suggested.  I wake up each morning excited to repeat my affirmations and prayer treatments aloud (and because I enjoy it so much, I'm not just saying them; I am FEELING them as well and it makes all the difference!).  I have been writing daily affirmations each day in a beautiful notebook and colorful pens (I love me some gorgeous stationery!), and focusing on tending my vibration.  

Have I been perfect?  Of course not; but I no longer dwell on that.  I merely get back on the highlighted route, as you often say, and keep moving forward.  I have had the most demonstrations with this bootcamp than ever before, and also uncovered so many old beliefs that I have happily released and let go because I didn't want them anymore!  Years ago I would hear you talk about how excited you were to uncover limiting beliefs and let them go; I totally understand this now.  It truly is an exciting process to uncover something that has been limiting me, and then to realize it no longer has any power over me!  The best part is choosing a new, positive belief to take its place!

One of the big realizations I had over the course of this bootcamp was how I needed to let go of a bunch of sticky beliefs around A Course in Miracles (many of which were leftover from childhood religion).  I got involved with an ACIM-related organization last year that insists you ONLY study the Course, in the way they tell you to, in order to participate in their study groups and programs.  Prior to this I had studied the Course on my own for over 20 years, and had wanted to go "deeper" into my study (which I thought meant it had to be HARDER; something you mentioned in a recent talk!).  After studying with them for a year, I had come to almost hate ACIM.  The study groups were very intellectually driven, dry, and difficult.  In a nutshell, it took all of the joy out of it for me!  Thanks to you, I woke up from that "spell" and remembered that I can always make a new choice!  Your talks have helped me to let go of all of those beliefs around the Course, stick to the happy, joyful parts of the Course, and let the rest go!  (And I no longer am affiliated with that organization.)

Now, what I do to tend to my vibration centers around fun, joy, and what feels good.  It is so freeing to be in this spot of feeling blessed and happy with my life RIGHT NOW!  I am blessing everything I have, and it feels so good to do so:  the bed I sleep in, the house I live in, our awesome Facebook group, my healthy family, the money we have in our bank account, the food we have in the refrigerator.  This.  Shit.  WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for continuing to share your message of joy and awakening!  I LOVE reading the inspiring messages you post in our group each day (again; they help so much to keep me on the path of miracles and magic!), the unbelievably AWESOME talks you share, just everything you do.  I adore you, am so thankful for you, and it fills my heart with joy to send along with this email a loving tithe to you.  May you be showered with delicious amounts of love, abundance, miracles, and all good things!

Lots of love always,