Thursday, December 27, 2018

Unfolding Plans in Perfect Timing

Dear Jacob,
I loved today's blog so much!
When I read this part "Rather, this boot camp is about becoming an ever-opening cooperative component in the Plan for your greater good." it made me smile as my Christmas Eve plans unfolded wonderfully for me.

 I knew for certain, no matter what, I wanted to be a part of your Christmas Eve Facebook Live talk at 6pm. but by Dec 23 had received 2 other lovely invitations, both at 6pm. I wanted to do those as well! 

Could not be in 3 places at one time though. Maybe someone could change times and I could do at least 2. 
The first group said sorry, no, they were all busy until 6.  Ok, I asked.
The second said sure, come for dinner at 4 and you can be home by 6  for Jacob. Great!
Did not want to miss out on this friend and Lobster Tails! 

Well late the night before Christmas Eve, the first group had apparently nixed all of their other daytime plans, texted they were now free and could I meet them for brunch and walk the beach afterwards! Yippee!
So it all worked out! I had no attachment to outcome, and let it go. I didn't know the HOW but had the strong desire to spend time with all my loved ones! (I too can be a bit of a house cat at times) What appeared like a log jam of too much fun at the same time unfolded beautifully and was spread throughout the day in perfect timing! 

Thank you for a VERY special Christmas Eve class!  


Dear Jacob
I just had to thank you for your latest book. "Crabby Angels No Bullshit," Bought 4 of them , one for my daughter, one for me & one each for my 30 year old granddaughters,, on Christmas morning when they opened their gifts , if you could have seen the look on their faces. you would have been happy, I just know it was a good thing, 

I have all of your books and love each one, thank you, Jacob.

love,, joyful Joan from Jersey.


Good morning Jacob, 
   I get to see this every morning- as well as throughout the day. When these wall words were given to me a few years back my inner monologue was “!#!? What am I supposed to do with this?” Who new they would become a precious part of my day🥴.
   And added benefit of writing the “I am worthy to receive “ statements- I can now spell receive without hesitation- something I have not been able to do since I learned i before e except after c!
  Thank you for the many 🎁 you have brought to my life. May you be blessed on this and every day. 
          💖❤️ M.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Self-Love Rocks!

Oh Jacob! 
Holy Moly! I have been listening following reading loving you for many years...tonights talk was sooooooo extroirdinaire! It was like you simply beautifully wrapped up decades of teachings into a really sweet easy to open gift wrapped magnificent package! The gift of your brilliance was extra special on this night of Christmas Eve for me so fun and so delightful since I am quite the recluse and one of the people that 3 friends is more than enough! Haha but true!

Yes I run a cocktail party all day long at my store on Coast Village Drive ...shine my light pretty well it maybe not quite the recluse I love to be tho in my lil Lily temple I feel at home and love to love people...not so mush today tho when a gal came in and said oh you are the one whose home burned down in the fire and you lost everything right? Then asked whats the best i could do on the price of a $160.00 pillow ! HHHmmmm? Really?Lordy Lord! People!

I told you the more I listen to you the more I can love myself....well your talk tonight was even more guidance to self Christ consciousness to happiness to heart opening its all ok....what relief!

Yes I was a chosen one when the Thomas fire ate my whole house and all the pretties I've collected over 30 years...poof! gonzo! insurance? no! devastated? no! I said to the folks who were more devastated than me ...perfect it was unattached and such a good shopper!I felt the love and support of my community which was a beautiful thing of course...perfect "strangers" opened their cottages and homes to me for the whole past year as people heard the news...and it was an amazing home up on Mountain may have been to a party there long ago! Our sweet little monk Eckhart and his partner Kim gave me their guest house here in Montecito when they heard the sweet so kind. They invited me for tea and I took great joy in making him laugh, and he laughs easily like you!, when I told him I would comfort myself when I saw the ashes falling and would guess...oh maybe that is my Mother of Pearl bedside table floating all over Montecito !Oh I bet thats my Hawaiian Hula dancer painting falling from the!
TRANSFORMATION!  Oh side note on Eckhart...I sold more Crabby Angels than Power of Now.when I had them side by side...good company we keep!...stroke stroke!

Well I Love you I thank you I treasure you as one of the greatest gifts Santa Barbara and the world as we know it has received ! More please!!!

See you soon!

All Love and the glory and brilliance and light of Christ to you!


Dearest Jacob,

These last two exercises have really reached deep inside of me.

I have had so many people ask me if I lost weight, had some 'work' done ...etc..........because I look so much better.

No was miracle angel!

I am WORTHY JUST THE WAY I AM..............I give myself permission to have the life I want!

This had put joy in my heart, bounce to my step & happiness on my face.......

God & the Angels have put you on this earth to lead us in your own style!

Do not change a are perfect just the way you are! I do not know the number of people who follow your teachings BUT

Thank you,
From your very happy, sexy, looking good 73 year old cutie 

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Millionaire from Nazareth

I thought this was funny-sad. Someone posted this pic at work. 

And I thought, "But He left rich..." They forget this part:

 When they heard the king, they departed; and behold, the star which they had seen in the East went before them, till it came and stood over where the young Child was. 10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. 11 And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Happy Holidays Jacob!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Prosperity Garden Report

I was just sending in my tithe to Jacob (I love tithing day!), and I started typing out some of my demonstrations that have taken place since starting boot camp.

Good morning, Brother Jacob and community, and Happy Holidays!

I am writing to give you a brief Garden Report for this awesome 90-Day bootcamp we are in.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I love your bootcamps!  They are the perfect thing to keep my consciousness on a track of peace, love, and prosperity in a fun and exciting way.  Allow me to share some of the demonstrations I have had since we have begun:

-  In my Prosperity Journal, I had set aside one page per week on which to record prosperity demonstrations.  I have had to start setting aside TWO pages per week instead of one, as the demonstrations keep rolling in and I was running out of room to record them all!
-  As you know, I am currently pregnant with our sixth child.  We found out in October he has multiple, serious heart defects that will require surgery soon after his birth.  I have continued to treat for him each day, and at our last check-up, we got some good news!  We were told that babies with heart defects often do not grow and develop normally, but at our last check-up, our doctors were floored at how much our son had grown and how well he is doing!  He is measuring exactly where he should be at this stage, and I have never seen doctors smiling with joy the way they were at his development (and activity; this kid loves to move around!).  This is excellent news because the bigger and stronger he is, the better chance he has of a swift recovery from the surgeries he will need.  I literally wept with joy at this appointment!
-  I had a bill that I did not have the money to pay.  I had just read a section in Catherine Ponder's "The Millionaire from Nazareth" about treating available supply as needed supply, and that is exactly what I did.  I paid the pill and did a treatment knowing that the bill would be covered.  When I got the mail that day (literally within an hour of when I paid the bill), we received a check for almost the exact same amount as the bill I had paid!
-  A friend sent me a gift of essential oils and a book on how to use them for health and home cleaning products.
-  Another friend treated my entire family to a Chinese dinner at our favorite restaurant.
-  Ever since I started listening to your lectures regularly and actually applying the principles, I often receive free coffees from Starbucks.  I know I have told you this story before so I won't repeat it, but it seems this theme has begun again!  Peppermint mochas are my favorite seasonal treat, and I have already received three of them (either gifted from Starbucks or friends) since this bootcamp has begun!

These are just a few of the many demonstrations I have received, and I know will continue to receive.  I want to extend SO much gratitude and thanks to you!  Thank you for all you have taught me, thank you for all you continue to teach me, thank you for all that you give to your students.  This has been an amazing year filled with so much magic and joy, and I look forward to going into 2019 with you and our wonderful community to enjoy many more miracles and magical occurrences to come!  

And I am SO excited for the New Year's Eve class!!!  Much love to you always!!!

Wishing you all the most magical of holiday seasons, J.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Spiritual Tool Box

Dearest Jacob,

I downloaded the new year's journal like I do every year.  When I got to the section about the highlights and blessings of this year I always take out my calendar and look back at each month.  I WAS BLOWN AWAY!  I knew I had had a lot of fun and interesting experiences this year but I didn't realize how much I did.  I ran out of room on that page in the journal.  This Shit Works!

I affirmed and aligned for fun, friendship, and new experiences in an easy peasy way after my husband's passing in September of 2017.  I got out of alignment many times and had lots of awarenesses come to light this last year but Source gave to me exactly what I was asking for. . . easy peasy fun.  

The key is the toolbox.  The hinge on that box must be wore down from me opening it so much. LOL. Happy Holidays Love.


Tuned In, Tapped In, Turned On

Brother, you are blowing my mind with this boot camp and I am loving it.

It’s been a rough couple of years for me personally and professionally and I really needed some kind of kick start to get me out of my doldrums and downward trajectory. This prosperity boot camp came at the perfect time for me to clean my shit up. 

Like you say, as soon as you turn around you are going in the RIGHT direction. It has been amazingly fast turning this around in some ways and maybe that’s because I was really ready, or because it wouldn’t have taken much to make an improvement :). 

The first thing is that I have been meticulous about keeping my manifestation journal current. It seems like every day I am FINDING MONEY. Sometimes it’s a quarter in a cushion, a dollar bill in a pocket, or like yesterday when I found three 20 dollar bills on the sidewalk! Add to that that suddenly everyone wants to take me to dinner, or I get a free coffee or tickets to a play! I am finally open to RECEIVE and it just keeps coming. 

Then, a client I hadn’t heard from in years called last week and made the biggest order she’s ever made! She said that I suddenly popped into her mind when she was passing through town (I didn’t know she had moved away 2 years ago) and she emailed me, set up a meeting and made my November a very successful month for the business. Miracles buddy, miracles. 

I am writing and saying my affirmations every day, visioning my future, listening to you in the car all the time and writing down every single manifestation no matter how small. Here is my tithe and I expect to double it in the near future. I am so glad you are keeping us on track while the rest of the country goes insane. YOU are a true miracle worker. 

Happy holidays! Can’t wait to send you my next progress report.