Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Visions Become Realities

Brother, I had to write and affirm that this shit REALLY does work!

It was so great to see you in Santa Barbara after so many years. It's been a long journey for me the past several years nearly dying from cancer, a very long recovery and really practicing these principles you talk about all the time. It is certainly not for sissies!

But coming back from that now and bringing my bride to meet and see you for the first time felt like a triumphant return and I am a witness to true miracles now in so many ways. Who would have thought I would have found love and gotten married in my 60's after such a long dry spell and facing catastrophic illness? #TSW for sure.

As usual, I loved everything you were teaching us and I sat spellbound at how you weave together the great philosophies and teachings of the ages with such wisdom and all while making us laugh til we nearly fall out of our seats. There simply is no one like you out there, and believe me, I have looked around more than most in my endless search for "enlightenment." I loved what you were saying about having a vision for our future no matter our age because in many ways I feel like life is just starting for me.

We are taking off for a year of travel on an extended honeymoon so I won't get to see you again for a while but I am so glad you are still coming to see us in Santa Barbara. You are so loved here.

I have to say that when we first walked into Unity last month the first thing I said to my wife was, "Wow, Jacob has been working out, I've never seen him this buff in 20 years!" So whatever you are doing, keep it up. You look healthy and stronger than ever.

I look forward to seeing you again when we get back from our adventure and will get some recordings of yours while we are traversing the world to tide me over.

Have a wonderful Christmas brother.
Much love,