Thursday, October 25, 2018

Divine Love Manifestations

Hello Bro Jacob,
The attachment is what I created for work where I am a small business credit collector. Business owners can be rude and mean spirited when they cannot pay their bills. However now, I literally do not have to ask for the money. I cannot even get to my collection jargon or script before they say I'll pay, and most are paying the full balance. No one is being mean and they are happy to pay their bills all day. What I am prepared to negotiate for, they are offering without me asking.  One of the things we negotiate for is Auto Bill Pay. A customer today said, "I'm going to pay, but I need to make sure you do one thing; put this account on that auto pay!" Every customer survey has come back 100% this week.  

My wife on yesterday before leaving to work appeared distressed and said she felt bad and nervous. I said, "okay." Normally I would try to fix her/motivate her. Within my mind I went straight to "Divine love expressing through her....." 5 minutes later out of the door while driving she called back and said she felt great stating, "I was driving listening to Jacob and whatever I was feeling is all gone and I feel good." 


It is great being on the planet with you Jacob,


Monday, October 22, 2018

The better it gets baby!

    • Hi Jacob, About a year ago, I asked you to make a personal treatment for me. It included selling my house, traveling, abundance, helping others through coaching and charitable work and finding joy in my relationships with family and friends. To begin, the house sold and my husband and I are about to embark on a year long adventure in Europe. I have my reservation for Majorca Spain and will leave December 17th. Yippee!!!

    • This 3rd inning is going to be "the best yet to come" and I am so grateful. Even if none of this materialized, I would be happy, because it’s all just a mindset anyway. You taught me that...and it’s the best lesson of my life. A lesson I get to teach others now..........So thank you! Thank you!
    • This shit really does work!
      Always, G.
      P.S. I’ve been doing the ninety day boot camp. It’s awesome!
      P.S.S. I’d love to order a new treatment if thats possible

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Sweet Life is HERE

Jacob - Miss you so very much at Vision, each day read a day from boot camp book, listen to your old cds. Please come back soon, teach a class or do anything in San Diego. I beg you.

Just wanted to give you a report from the field inspired by your teaching. Your talks early this year on Italy and stepping out of your comfort zone, made me decided to visit Eternal City. Here now and leaving for a ten week cruise to Athens with two friends. After a week watching Italians, I have decided to live the life I have been denying myself, even with twenty plus years of Religious Science training from Rev. Terry Cole-Whitaker, scores of classes, and thinking I was do okay.

Italians have shown me what a mundane life I have chosen over the years, and am awake to new beginnings for.a man who thought the best years were behind him. You and my many teachers (Reverends Kathy, Patti, Guy, Kevin, and Angela) along the way have inspired me, but you have kicked my butt, sending me out into the world to enjoy, and grab it by the balls. I want to make people say when I am gone, "Now that was the way to live." Thanks for your books, your c.d.s, your lectures, and your life of taking no prisoners example La Dolce Vida!


Hi Jacob - Here is my garden story -- the day before yesterday I told you I would send one soon and then later that day, this happened: I was on the phone with a client for one of her scheduled sessions she had paid for and she said, "If you're ok with this, I want to use our time today for one of my clients. Let's talk about her situation and then you bill me for your time." 

It so came out of nowhere I had her repeat the request. Still trying to wrap my arms around it (this has never happened before) I said, "Well, how much should I bill you for?" And she said, "Whatever your rate is!" So that's what we did. I was in my joy talking over ideas for her client for an hour and then when I got off the phone I sent her an invoice and an hour later the surprise money of the day was in my account. Talk about money coming from unexpected places! I love this! What fun! More of this, please! 
Have a super day! 
My best, K.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Back on the Highlighted Route


I spent a couple of weeks in Muggleland -- arguing and worrying about politics with people on Facebook. Sharing every snarky meme that crossed my path (as long as it exactly aligned with my ego).

By Saturday morning, I woke up before sunrise just miserable. Anxious, guilty, fearing and dreading. 

I didn't see the point of getting up out of bed. I also couldn't sleep. 

But luckily, some seeds I planted had born fruit. I remembered that I hadn't yet listened to last week's lecture (that's rare -- I usually devour them as soon as possible after they arrive). There you were, my angel in the inbox. 

Your voice and words -- but mostly, probably, that vibration and healing frequency you cultivated -- helped me to get back to the better place. 

I've never experienced a contrast quite  like that. During those 90 minutes, calm, peace, joy, love for myself and gratitude for my experiences returned. 

These past couple of days have been getting better and better. Friends invited me to spend Sunday in their boat on a lake. Wonderful time.

Monday was walking literally and figuratively to a gorgeous peak with my lover. 

Breathtaking views at the top, craft beer (and great sex!) back at sea level. 

All because you reminded me to set the vibration first, helping me build that positive momentum.

Thank you so very much for your kind example. This world is better for your part in it. 

Much love, 

The Vacuum Law of Abundance

Dear Jacob,

I guess I'd title this "Clearing Space for More Joy.”

Last week while listening to one of your recordings you mentioned going to lots of prosperity workshops over the years and how the first thing they instructed was to go home and clear out some kind clutter big or small. I know this principle well. It has manifested beautifully for me over the years to move energy, bring clients, money and produce prosperous results. Your words got my attention and was on my mind in a joyful way.
Later that morning, as I was walking with my neighbor,  I commented on a lot of large trash items out for pickup. She said oh my husband gets an email notice and tomorrow is a "clean up day" , a no charge day for any large items beyond regular trash service.

Remembering your comments, I went to my garage and started to take a look around for some larger items to clear out and found several things I was ready to move along.  I was just picking up the first item to take down the driveway and I got a text.

It was from a client who became a friend that I enjoy but don't see often as we live a distance apart, telling me she had a extra ticket to see Boz Scaggs last night at the Performing Arts Center and would I like to go?... And how about dinner? It sounded great, I knew what had happened immediately, so without hesitation said "YES! Love to and Thank You!"

My rather effortless intent to clear space must have been so aligned that before it was even out of the garage, prosperity and joy swept in to fill the void. So effortless in fact that moments before another friend just happened to stop by and offered to help me move those larger items out to the street. 

So, last night I was treated to a lovely Italian dinner with a bottle of fine red wine at a charming place with a "Garden" patio tucked away in the back. My ticket for the concert was provided and when I tried to offer to pay for any of it, she said, "Oh no, it's my pleasure, but you can pay for the parking at the concert". I happily said "sure!" When we pulled up to the venue, a parking attendant was there and she asked,  "how much is the parking?" He said, "just follow the ramp down and make a left." She said ok, but how much is the parking? He said,  "Oh, the parking is free!"

With wonderful seats smack in the center, I sat back, enjoying the whole performance and thought "This Shit Really Works!"

This doesn't just work for one as we are ALL connected because a last minute blessing happened for someone else as well....
(Two hours before the event, a client who was in the town I was headed to, called me urgently needing from me an important file right away for the next morning. 

I mentioned I just happened to be coming into town shortly, I'd be at this particular restaurant and could she pick up the file there?

She was so happy, as she had business to do right on that block, at that time, otherwise one of us would have had to drive 30+ min out of our way which was not convenient.

I got there early, as did she and as I drove by the meeting place before parking I saw her waiting, handed off the file out my car window and she said, "Thank you and have a great evening!" I pulled around the corner in search of parking at dinner hour and sure enough someone was just pulling out of the first spot nearest the restaurant!)

Love to you Jacob,

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fruitful Travel

Hi Jacob - here is an update on my garden. There has been major fruitage. My boyfriend and I had been planning a trip for the past 6 months. It started as just a concert in Vancouver to see Beyonce but expanded into a 10 day trip that included stops in SF, Vancouver, Portland and southern Oregon. Since the first conception of this trip I had been declaring that it was going to be EPIC and I could feel the fun we were going to have. I kept this feeling for the 6 months leading up the our departure. Epic was just the beginning! If I share all the synchronicities that happened on this trip one might believe I was crazy. Let me back up a minute and get you up to date. 

I came to visit you over a year ago on a trip to LA to visit my family. We had a wonderful treatment session together regarding cleaning up my consciousness around my yoga studio. You made me a recording which I listened to frequently. My studio ended up closing at the end of April after a long period of uncertainty with my lease. Without my asking I got offered a temporary space to teach from. All the financial help I needed to move my studio came to me and I used the temporary space for months before moving back to my original location. Get this, a student of mine secured the lease to my old studio. Now instead of having big overhead and dealing with all the responsibility of running a studio by myself which I did for over 5 years I get to rent the space hourly and teach private classes to the students I want there. My work is transforming into exactly what I wanted it to be but couldn't figure out how to make it happen. LOL NOT MY JOB!!! Now the new studio owner has hired me to lead teacher trainings at $500 per day. I asked for what I decided my value was and I got it! That's $200 more than the average pay rate for the job per day. I was also struggling with my relationship with the fitness brand I am affiliated with. We have had numerous miscommunications. I had tried working with another contact in the company but I was still needing healing with the person I was in conflict with. I decided to send an email with the subject line “Healing”. I got a response the day I left for my vacation. The response was kind and the person shared a desire to resolve our problem and move forward. This was exactly what I wanted to hear. Now lets get back to the vacation. 

Leading up to my vacation I didn't have any money. I didn’t have enough to cover my rent or any spending money. Two days before leaving on my trip I received $900 that I had given to someone almost a year ago for an art project that never got completed. I wasn’t sure if my money would get refunded but it did at the perfect time. I also received another $500 the day before I left that was owed to me but I wasn’t counting on. I had exactly enough money to pay for all my needs and desires on the trip. 

Prior to the trip I had mentioned that I wanted wool socks to prevent my feel from sweating. The day before we left for the trip I had bought myself 2 pairs. The money came to me from someone that I helped for 5 minutes and they handed me $50. When I told my boyfriend he asked if I wanted an early birthday present then handed me another pair of wool socks. Back to the trip. We were in Vancouver to see Beyonce and our Airbnb was near Costco. So before the concert we went to Costco to pick up food and vodka. We bought neither but I ended up buying 4 pairs of wool socks for $13 total. This is important because I remember you telling a story about a couple walking together, one looking for birds the other looking for gourds and neither seeing what the other was looking for. Point is I was in alignment with my desire.

Many things like this happened on our trip. We were always at the right place at the right time. We got into a museum for free in SF because they had a locals day if you lived in certain neighborhoods. We happened to be staying in one of the listed areas. I asked the woman at the counter for tickets and she asked if I had local ID. I told her I didn’t but I was staying in the area and she asked how many tickets I needed then handed me 2 tickets saving me over $70. I asked and received. 😁 We also went to a leather store to shop before Folsom. I didn’t have any money to spend but I found a harness I wanted. I tried it on and knew I was going to get it. That night my friend gave my boyfriend a leather shirt with the tags still attached that he had bought a couple years ago at the same store we visited earlier in the day. I asked my boyfriend if I could return the shirt to the store and buy the harness I wanted. He agreed and so we went back to the store. The salesperson said that without a receipt he couldn’t do the exchange. I stood there steadfast in my belief. He looked up and said he would make an exception for me. Of course…See picture below

Yellow has become a color that has meaning in our relationship. My boyfriend bought me a yellow rose last year when I was sick. He wanted red but they were sold out. The yellow rose was beautiful. The color made me feel happy and bright. This rose was like the rose from Beaty and the Beast. It was barely opened when he gave it to me. The next morning the rose had fully opened and it lasted about 2 weeks. Now the color yellow is a color we both appreciate and connect with. When we arrived at our Airbnb in Portland we set down our bags got settled in and then I saw the beautiful yellow wall. I pointed it out to my boyfriend, hugged him and knew that it was the universe giving us a little wink. Out trip was full of presents and winks from the universe. 

It has become so clear to me the degree I am willing to allow my life to be great. This trip showed me time and time again that what I expected and believed is what I experienced. Coming home I want to bring that same belief that I had about my vacation and knowing and expecting it to be fabulous into my everyday life. It is my job to recognize the self limiting thoughts and beliefs I hold and shift them. I am now aware of my progress and know that it is not limited to one area of my life. These are exciting times and the better it gets the better it gets. 

I am so grateful for your teachings and talking to yourself because its had a profound affect on my life. Jacob I love you with all my heart. 


Monday, October 1, 2018

You Are Worthy of Abundance!

Dearest Jacob,

Your last recording was so great! I especially loved the segment on tithing and circulation. When I first started on this path, I met a guy who told me how  he financially contributed to his life coach above his coach’s fee. I remember him patiently explaining the principle to me, but I just didn’t get it. Looking back, he looked very successful. More importantly, he was happy and passionate about his life and business.

Fast forward, nine years or so, I listen to a cd of yours and I’m hooked! I watch your YouTube videos and read books by Neville Goddard and Catherine Ponder. The principle of contributing where you’re spiritually fed is definitely front and center now. I remember ‘that guy’. His name escapes me but his message does not, ‘money is energy, it must be circulated. You must contribute to the teachings that enrich your life’. 

I decided to give it a try by donating to you monthly. Receiving your cd’s in the mail was like Christmas morning every week. Actually practicing the principles you teach....heaven on earth! I can’t even tell you all the benefits tithing has made to my life!

Thank you so much for the email you shared in your last lecture. It struck home for me in a big way. I have been receiving services I have not paid for from Byron Katie. I did The Work consistently for about two years and it created some of the biggest shifts in my life. I’m embarrassed to say, it never occurred to me to donate to Katie other than purchasing her books. I had thoughts like, “she doesn’t need my money, look how successful she is” or “ she charges too much for her school”. This is all irrelevant! I must donate for my good and prosperity. With much gratitude, I cheerfully donated to her foundation right on her website.

Thank you for your unwavering integrity and courage to speak the truth. It IS metaphysical malpractice to not explain this to students. I would guess there are a lot of teachers unwilling to teach this principle for fear of looking like a shyster. You are a rockstar! Thanks for loving us all so much.



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