Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Tools Work

    • Jacob, I have been listening to your CD's for years, usually when everything has gone horribly wrong lol, which I know is not the ONLY time to listen to them, but I'm a slow learner. I was introduced to your CD's at ACIM meeting, and then later reminded by my sponsor at the time who thinks you're the greatest thing to happen lol. I was listening to an old CD about how you can't make a withdraw without making a deposit. I don't need to make a withdraw, but what it made me realize is, I've never thanked you. It's never even occurred to me that I could message you, to thank you.

    • I have been listening to your CD's for the last 11 years at least, and I came to your lecture one time. I live in AZ so it's hard for me to actually attend your lectures. I do your boot camps, read the books you recommend, and do my best to follow your teachings. I'm trying not to make this so long, but there is just so much I want to thank you for. You have changed my life, you have given me connection to something when I couldn't trust or connect to anything in my life. You talk in a way that I can actually hear, and I can't hear much when I'm spinning out and the sky is falling. Your CD's are currently the only thing I listen to, and I listen to them probably 10 or more hours a day. I even did the imagination dinner with a friend last weekend, it was really amazing.

    • I'm not writing you to say all my dreams have come true, because they haven't. I still live in a lot of fear. I'm the type of person that starts off well and then backs off when I get distracted. I'm repeating to myself that this doesn't have to take a long time, it never occurred to me that it didn't, until you said it. But, it's okay if it does. Here's what has changed, drastically in fact. My mindset has changed, my negativity has gone WAY down in just a week, and you've given me actions that I can follow. The best thing is that you don't just talk, you teach people how to do this work. Since the first time I listened to your CD, I stopped saying "it's hard" and don't let my sponsees or friends say it either...unless it's something major. When my grandma died, who was the biggest and sometimes only source of love I had in my life, you taught me how to keep my heart open, and to grieve with love. This was the most profound experience I've ever had in my life.

    • I know this is long and I'm probably just rambling, sorry about that. I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for doing all the work you have done, coming out and talking to yourself, so I can listen. You've changed my life, and the lives of those around me.
    • S.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Keeping the Faith

Good Morning Jake! I am going to try and write to you about all the "miracles" that have presented themselves to me on this incredible transitional journey that I have been on for the past month.  Actually it all began at least 8 years ago with my desire to move from where I am to up the coast..  I would drive up here frequently to run on the beach through out the years.  It is a 45 minute drive from where I was living, but might as well be a different planet considering the life style and consciousness of the community.  

I kept waiting for life to present this to me in a perfect "ease and flow" kind of way.  I did take steps to get connected up here such as training a DJ in the area for free twice a week for 9 months, going to all of the fitness facilities to try and get an in and even went to the schools to present my foundation work.  All of these things did not pan out so after a couple of years I decided that I was trying too hard and began to back off of looking up here and worked more on my mental work which I knew was the culprit of why I wasn't getting anywhere. 

Then I went down this tunnel of what I called stagnation, depression, and self doubt.  I did not like where I was at, and for the past five years was in such an isolated area that my business declined from being in my location as well as my negative mental state.  I did spend those years in hyper focus of the work.  Most of my days were spent in reading, listening and focusing on the teachings from you and all of those you recommended to me to read.  I was in constant connection to the Divine Energy throughout my days.  Doing my affirmations and mantras constantly.  Meeting with my Mastermind group.  Training myself to STOP having negative diatribes of ridiculous thinking.  As much as I know, it was a constant battle to stop this old fucked up habitual crap!  I could teach it all day long, but found myself falling into the same old shit that I told others to stop doing.  I think that was an eye opener for me to have more compassion for others in the same situation.  So it all served a purpose for my future work.

Then the property where I was living sold.  The owner had moved 7 months prior to it selling so I was living there still rent free by myself, which in itself was still a gift, a miracle.  Then in June the property sold and the new owners who bought it for a second home told me that I could stay "rent free" until I was able to find a new place.  Another miracle.  I knew I had to and wanted to go but they gave me a pressure free situation where most new owners would have said you have to move now.  However my stress levels hit an all time high.  How was I going to do this without the financial support to get out?  How was I going to move to a new place without work or clients to support me during this process?  How was any of this going to happen?  Then I would hear you say "the how is not my business" and I would try to stay focused on the vision of what I wanted and not the how.  It was a battle every moment for three months but I just kept vigilant on my thoughts and would catch myself every time I felt that feeling of fear and would transition into a positive thought process.

I began to think I should look for a place where I already was as it "seemed" safer because I was known there and could get clients easier.  "Bullshit"!!!!  my friend said to me one day, "What are you doing looking for a place here?  You don't want to be here!.  I want to do a Go Fund Me page for you to raise money for the foundation so you can move."  I was uncomfortable with that but relented and we raised 20K.  That was incredible but would not support me for the move and the amount of time that I needed to get settled and create my new life, so I had to get really out of my comfort zone and find at least six months worth of income to support this move.  I did that and it was one of the hardest things I have had to do.  Another leap of faith.  It worked.  

Now I had to find a place in a very competitive rental market that was not cheap or easy to get in.  Another miracle!  I found a condo right where I wanted to be.  I had envisioned a place with an ocean view, ocean air and easy access to the beach.  I got it.  A place where 10 other people wanted, but the owner himself was renting it (very unusual) and he liked me so I got it without the financials to support it!  It is also less than all the other comparable places I looked at.  Another miracle.  There is a huge garage so I can keep my gym equipment.  Unheard of in these types of condo's.  Everything I did not have in storage was given to me.  I lacked nothing that I needed.  What I had in storage was what I needed.  It was so perfect.

I have been purging all of the boxes that I have kept for decades.  I took your advice and have gone through all of that stuff, pictures, cards, old shit and thrown or given away most of it.  What a cleansing it has been.  Stupid how much shit we carry around with us that is all about the past, and most of it I don't need to revisit.  Whew it has been so good to lighten the load.  Now you would probably say I could still rid myself of more, but there are some things I wanted to keep like my blazers!  Hahahaha.  I will let you know that I gave away nearly as much as I kept.  LOL

I had visions of my new place up here for years.  I would be in my shower in SY and envision being in my shower up here and now I am.  I would run on the beach here and look up at the cliffs and say "I live here", and now I am.  I would envision shopping for grocery's at this great market up here and now I am.  I would envision the ocean air and the sound of seagulls, and now that is a reality.   I have moments of pure elation and happiness that I am actually here.  It is everything that I had envisioned and it happened when I took that leap of faith because I "Believed" the outcome.  This Shit works!!!!  

Now I am ready to go out and make things happen with my work.  I am so excited as I know things will keep unfolding for me.  I have a whole new life beginning to create itself.  It is important as you have stated so many times, age or situation have nothing to do with anything.  It is all consciousness, consciousness, consciousness.  Period.  

I am worthy, I am deserving, I am living the life that I want and I am successful at whatever I choose to be and do.  Thank you My Dearest Friend for being in my life, for guiding me on this journey of life and for always telling me what I need to know.  I know I have told you a million times that without you in my life I would not be who I am at this moment.  I shudder to think of who I would be.  Don't need to think about that as you were there.  

I will be sending you a check on the first of the month for $100.  A happy check to write!  I look forward to those increasing!  I also look forward to telling you about all of the great things that will be happening to me going forward.  Thank you my Darling for YOU!  Think of all the lives you impact and guide.  What a gift you are!

I love you


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Provide the Tools


Set the scene just now- it’s 2:20pm on Sunday afternoon, I am in the kitchen, in a good mood, happy to be cooking and preparing good food for the day and week ahead. I am listening to you- Jacob- while I cook. I have my ear buds in while I cook and my 3 boys and husband are coming in and out of the kitchen doing their own thing. I have been listening to you for an hour or more when I hear my 16 year old reading a loud to the Power Thoughts for Teens and young adults. He wasn’t really speaking to anyone in particular (well perhaps to himself), my back was to him. I was listening to your voice in my ear and also hearing my 16 year old speak your words a loud. 

It was surreal and wonderful. 

I keep the Power Thoughts book on the kitchen island so anyone can plop it open at any time and that was exactly what happened. 


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Divine Order MANIFESTS

Dearest Wonderful Jacob,

I wanted to share a fruitage report.

My 21-year-old son needed a safer car the one he was driving was becoming increasingly unsafe and he lives in an area where he needs a car. I left my full-time employment in the beginning of this year and I would like to could say gracefully but it was with bloody stumps I was really devastated. Very shortly after I took a part-time position at a new company making less than half the pay at my previous job but working only 25 hours a week. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to help my son so that we would both have safe vehicles to drive.

A few weekends ago my FiancĂ©e and I went to look for a new car for me, so I could give my son my current car a 2011 Honda Civic and through out the process it looked like the only way I was going to be able to achieve it was by using a substantial part of my savings. We spent Friday evening at a dealership and walked out without a car. The next day we went to a different dealership and as we went through the process I had to continue transferring money from my savings account to checking thinking I’m going to have to spend most of it, but I also got in alignment and kept affirming for the good of all concerned.

We made the deal and when sitting in the finance office I was prepared to put the money down then the finance gentleman said, “why are you putting all this money down on a lease”. The bottom line is I drove off the lot with a brand new 2018 Honda Civic for $304, we will spend the same amount but over 3 years. We spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up my old car and the next week I made a deal with my son to purchase the 2011 for $190 a month for 3 years a great deal for him the car is worth 10 to 15K has only 80,000 miles on it, it's a Honda that mileage could easily be doubled even tripled if taken care of properly. 

My son was so happy and appreciative, and I had peace of mind knowing he was in a much safer car.

Thanks to the other gentleman’s fruitage report about his new car whenever I start to worry this might not be sustainable I say #BULLSHIT# all in Divine order and through Divine Love.

Thank you, God-in-Me.,

And thank you Jacob for helping me remember.

I love you.


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Things Work Out for Us

Dear Jacob,

This is fun to share.

Because of your teachings I made a point of saying positive family mantras to our kids (& to myself).

My husband and I tell our 3 sons “things tend to work out well for us” and “things usually work out for us”.

A few years ago I made some art work of your saying “Show up, on time, prepared, do what you say you would do, with a good attitude- Glass” ( I don’t know why I  put Glass instead of Jacob) and it hangs on the wall, we all see it everyday.

1) This spring Jack (my 16 year old) decided to take a summer Santa Barbara City College class. We have been told that these classes are difficult to get into. In fact, we have heard for years from other friends, stories about parents and kids who are on their computers at 8am ready to sign up and still might not get into a class. The day of class registration arrives but Jack had the wrong time and didn’t realize he should have already been on his computer to sign up for this highly sought after class. Unfazed, Jack asks for help from a friendly adult in the high school office. In another part of town I mention it, by text,  to a friend who is on line, signing up her daughter for a class. The end result- within minutes of realizing Jack was late in signing up- he accidentally had 2 spots in the class - 1 spot from his friend in the high school office and 1 spot from my friend who signed him up while she was waiting on hold for her daughters class. I thought at the time - classic Jack to have gone from  “it’s VERY difficult  to get into a summer class" to having 2 spots in the class he wanted! He enjoyed the class, liked the professor and earned an A in the class. Things usually work out well for Jack.

2) Today Jack was working at his catering job, a fun party in a huge house in the hills above SB. Jack and his best friend work together and the owner of the house came up to the two 16 year old boys and handed them each a $100 bill.  Things often work out well for Jack.

Thank you, Jacob, for being the voice in my head that elevates my vibration. Thank you for teaching me to plant seeds in my sons heads about what to expect in life and to set the sound tract in their heads for positive and loving outcomes. 

Your teachings are beneficial to this world.

Much Love,
J. in SB


Jacob - Just want to let you know - I have your Teen book at my office. As you know, I am a social worker. 

A therapist I work with took it to read an affirmation and talk to one of our clients today.

She loved 'you do not need to be fixed'