Friday, August 31, 2018

Progress, NOT Perfection Brings Results


I needed to write you a quick email. I have been looking for a new car since June.  Enjoying my 90 Day Bootcamp. I went up to an Art Show in Yucca Valley this Sat. I was up there an hour early and so drove into the nearby car dealership. The car I sat in was the One I wanted but a New car. I came home told S. what I had sat in. 

Monday morning he found the exact car but in Pearl White. [an even better color] in Ontario on line with ONLY 2900 miles but still a 2018. I called and made an appointment for Tuesday. In driving to see the car, the old voice in my head started talking. I was not doing a PERFECT BOOTCAMP and I needed a couple of PERFECT DAYS to merit this car. [BULLSHIT] In my 90 days I am giving Everyone and MYSELF grace. A PASS. I loved the car and went into the office to begin all the paperwork. That same old voice started shouting and every sin, error, lie, mistake and addiction flashed before my eyes. [BULLSHIT] Divine Love is Flowing Through me today. I calmly signed the papers. I drove home with a 2018 Ford Escape SE Eco Boost. Your Blogs and Posts were stronger in my head  from this Bootcamp of JOY & LOVE then the old voices. Thank you. Much GRATITUDE!

I was awakened in the night and those old voices said you could of done better negotiating and you didn’t get the best deal.[BULLSHIT] that is only a story I am telling myself. My Story is I got the PERFECT car for me {huge backup mirror] , the Car I WANTED at a Good Fair Price. THE END. So I and my SUV lived Happily Ever After. 


Monday, August 20, 2018

Doing Positive Aspects Works!

Dear Jacob,

For the past year I have been showing up, on time, doing what I said I would do, with a good attitude, to a job I wasn't crazy about, but one that paid the bills. Several aspects of the job were disturbing, such as an ego-driven Executive Director who wanted people to call him "boss" and who handed out compliments with the frugality of a miser. Then there was the senior colleague who somehow was misguided in thinking I was his personal assistant, tossing tasks my way frequently and heavy-handedly. Not to mention the setting of this work scene is a Medicare certified skilled nursing facility where fear and regulation can be the dominant energies.

I continued to look for the positive aspects. My role, as a dietary manager, was to feed people. I got to really get to know many of them, because we were a small 45 bed community. I would look them in the eyes and say encouraging words of love. I would help get them special food requests, snacks or whatever I could to be nourishing to their souls. Some residents were on hospice, and weren't going to be leaving, at least not by our earthly definition. I would go to their rooms and put a light hand on their shoulders and say a prayer that their journey go well and that they leave peacefully.

I learned how to appreciate myself and that which brought me joy, not waiting for "boss" to hand out any gold stars. I practice saying "no" to my over zealous colleague tossing tasks like frisbees, while still maintaining good relationships with both. I even dropped my story that they were assholes. No, indeed, both had a wonderful sense of humor, which I began to focus on instead.

Then, I'm not kidding you, a dream job dropped from the heavens. A former colleague involved in school for reform, resurfaced after 2 years of minimal Facebook contact, telling me about a position with a local school district that wanted me to take their school to a new level of food consciousness, involving local farmers, school gardens, salad bars, and everything that my30 years of work thus far has revolved around. Are you fucking kidding me?

I jumped on that pony like a cowgirl on steroids. I completed the school application, no easy feat, and just so happened to already have the 3 letters of recommendations that they were requesting stored in my scanned documents. The waters parted which allowed time from my current job to go to the interview, then to the second interview. I met the district superintendent who I'm sure has studied the course. We couldn't stop talking we were so animated and engaged. I walked out of there knowing I had that job.

A month went by with no word. I accepted the will of God. I listened to your CD's, hearing you say, "either you believe this shit or you don't." Still at the old job, boss bought us new desks and took us all out for lunch. I walked with my work mates, including the task master, for a walk supporting Alzheimer's research. I accepted the situation and continued looking for the positive aspects. I all but forgot about the dream job.

Until yesterday. They called, offering me the job, which starts at $15,000 a year more than I was making, is less of a commute, and is a dream come true job!!! Of course I know all jobs have issues, but they are my issues to grow from and to rise above, showing up, on time, doing what I say I'm going to do, with a good attitude.

Thank you Jacob! I love you!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Join Boot Camp

Nothing to buy. Nothing to sign up for. Just go to the link and read the simple 90 days of love, gratitude and miracles boot camp program. Easy peasy. We begin Monday, August 20 and end the week before Thanksgiving. A PERFECT way to prepare for the holidays. Here's the link: BOOT CAMP

Friday, August 17, 2018

Second Act Demonstrations

Hi Jacob,

I got your book in the mail today, yay! And I have started reading it and just had to stop and write to you to tell you how truly wonderful it is. Reading the entries and remembering them because I read and reread and reread and reread each one of them in the blog and just got such a sense of joy, and smiling and feeling good as I read.

Also, just a tiny update of where I am. A year ago I realized I needed a job that gave me some kind of regular paycheck, because this man I had married 9 years ago, who told me he didn't want me to work so I could travel with him and don't worry he would take care of me the rest of my life . . . was divorcing me and basically leaving me on the street, as he was now in love with another woman. I had not worked during those years and had no career to go back to as my main job for most of my life was raising my four children, working part time at different jobs (which I always enjoyed, btw). So there I was at almost 59 years old, what to do?

I saw that a very nice department store was hiring and since I always liked shopping there I thought what the heck I'll go apply, because I needed something, anything. I had never worked in retail and I had NEVER EVER thought of myself as any kind of salesperson, so it was scary for me. Well, they hired me as a part-time "flex" which means I would just pick up hours in whatever dept there might be open shifts, a part-time minimum wage job based on commission. The first several weeks were tough, I was so lost, confused, hating it. I thought of quitting every day and finding something else, something I was more suited to. But I hung in there, and as the weeks went by, it got easier, and I was learning my way around, and making friends, and actually started to like it, and found I was actually pretty good at it. And of course, the whole time I've been studying and listening and reading and practicing with you Jacob. Daily I would say, "I have a wonderful job with wonderful pay. I render wonderful service in a wonderful way."

To make a long story short, I began to absolutely LOVE my job! I love the customers, I love helping them, I love doing all the work involved in selling the product, I love my fellow employees! So at the beginning of the year they asked if I wanted to be permanent PT in men's furnishings, they had an opening there, and I took it. Then, two weeks ago my manager came to me and said that the part time men's fragrance specialist position had opened, the woman who had that position was moving. Our store has five FT men's fragrance specialists and one PT. And they stay - one woman has been there 18 years, another guy 13 years. It's a very good place to be. My manager said she wanted me to apply, that I was on their "short list." I had to interview with the fragrance manager and then meet with the vendor of that fragrance, who said right away she wanted me and would talk to the assistant store manager right away (who has the final say).

So, it's official, I am the part time men's specialist for that fragrance, and I could not be happier! There will be much more responsibility, which I am so ready for! And the compensation will be much better :)  Specialists are held at a higher standard than regular sales associates. It is a challenging position and I am so looking forward to it!

I know that this might not seem like much to some people but for me it's big. It's like a dream though it feels so right. I love going into work and it feels so natural now. If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to be working at a department store in the men's fragrance department and loving it, I would have said you were crazy!

I will stop because I know this is long. So much good in my life and I am so very grateful. I am still learning to love myself, that's the big one for me. I have my fears and doubtful times and still cry at times. But penguin stepping my way, remembering to go to God, go to my Father, go within.

So very grateful for you Jacob.
Thank you.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Going "All Jacob on you"


I've been meaning to write this for a while and even thought I did write it but in looking through my emails I don't see it.

Just an all around THANK YOU! I can't imagine my life without your guidance. I have taken your suggestions and implemented them here. Every time the results are an improvement.

My daughter is a senior in high school. She never wanted to listen to your CD's and used to say, "Man, don't go all Jacob on me!" In our house your name is a verb and a noun. She has a teacher who is really into teaching existentialism (even though it is really a French class). He is always telling the class the faults of their "generation." He leaves them with gems like, "look in the mirror now because this is the best you'll ever look," or if you meet an adult who says they like their job they are a liar. He has made them watch depressing movies and write essays on it from an existential view point to show them how meaningless life is while surrounded with pain and misfortune.

My daughter now says "Thank you Mom for your influence. The rest of the class believes the teacher when he tells them all the negative stuff. I know better. He is arguing for his limitations all the time. He can see only the bad side of everything to justify his beliefs." She is called out by the teacher for being too positive and has even gotten lower grades for not going along with his view (she is a straight A student). She even says, "like Jacob says" now before affirmative statements.

The mind blowing ripple effect both you and her teacher have. You to the positive and him to the negative. These kids are very stressed out about graduating high school and the future and I feel sorry for the ones who take what he says as truth. I am happy my daughter can give counter points to his view and has helped some of the others in the class when they are stressed. She even told me, she told the girl who was stressed out "right now you are just a girl sitting in a chair next to a friend" quoting Byron Katie without realizing it!

Do you see what you have done! What wonderful work! You spread joy miles away and it is contagious and spread to people who really need it!

So thank you for your light. Thank you for helping me raise my kids in the light you have shared.
You are a blessing, there really are not enough words to tell you my appreciation.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

You Are Not a "Brand" - You Are Infinite Joyous Spirit

Dear dear Jacob,

I cannot tell you how many times I appreciate you and just LUV you. I may sound like a broken record, because I'm pretty sure I say the same thing each time I write, but it's worth repeating!!

I listen to the recordings ongoingly. I can't begin to tell you how often I hear your voice . . . in some ways you are part of that "inner voice." I have two - you and God's! LOL. The humor, the languaging, all within the seriousness of the lesson, work for me. They allow me to be human, and at the same time take the information and work it to create that inner peace which comes and goes and goes and comes and comes and goes . . . infinitum! LOL.

I am truly grateful you show up every week and teach.

What prompted me to write is that I heard your name on a call I was on this morning. I have belonged to a real estate coaching program for many many years now. It originates out of San Diego and has thousands of members . . . Joe Stumpf is the founder and facilitator of the company and today scheduled a conference call. During the call he quoted you twice as well as mentioned your book. I was thinking, "yaaaay,  Joe!!" I sent him your book last year as a thank you for helping me with something. I just had this inner feeling that he would read it and like it.

It got me to thinking about so much of what you teach. You are doing what you are enjoying doing and how you enjoy doing it. No "branding" or "making it happen," - just taking penguin steps. This has helped to calm me down so many times. I can at times come so close to being sucked into the mass thinking . . . that it's got to be done this way or that way, totally ignoring my inner guidance. Up until January of this year, I worked like a crazed maniac, only to get where I thought I wanted to go and find out this is not it!!

The past 6 months have been the beginning of a turn-around. I am intentionally working less so I have time do the things I want to do that I feel good about. I have time to sit and have a meal as opposed to eating on the run. I have time to work out now, not perfectly, but I'm doing it. I hired a trainer and initially we had talked about a goal and a time line, but I told her I changed my mind. I will get there when I get there. I know I could get to the goal in record time with sheer will power and determination, but by then I would reach the goal, HATE working out, be sick of some crazy diet, and end up right back where I started. It is great that I found a trainer who respects that. This way is a win for both of us. She stays employed longer, and I get to enjoy the process of what I am doing. Oh my God, what a concept! Again, Jacob, thank you for the concept of penguin steps and your sharing what you do.

Big hugs and much love,

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Many Mansions

Hi there Jacob,

It's so marvelous the way Life works things out. As you may know, I am a contract professor at a University. Although I've been affiliated with it for a decade now, probably longer than any temp in history, I still go from one contract to the next. My current contract expires in June. In previous years when I was down to one year I always freaked out. This time around I've been doing your sheets more consistently and deep breathing meditations as a way of letting go and each day more wonderful opportunities open up as I surrender. Once I truly decided that this is Life's work and let it go, they asked me if I'd be interested in staying another year after this one.

I decided that spiritual practice is me opening the doorway to those many mansions of consciousness that Jesus talked about. Some days my resistance makes it harder to meditate or do the sheets, but I acknowledge that my ego is "edging God out." Just that acknowledgement keeps me from functioning in a kind of stuckness I used to fall prey to.

I've concluded that I have one of the best temporary university teaching jobs in the United States. The students have no reason to see any distinction between the temps and the tenure track people. I have the same access to travel and research funds, conference money and every January I have the ability to take students any place around the globe, so long as I can make a compelling case that there is some academic merit in the trip. These trips are free for the faculty. Earlier this year I spend three weeks in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Some students went to Thailand on a day trip while there. Two years ago a colleague and I took a trip to four islands in Tahiti. Before that I went to El Salvador for two weeks. All the while I've been griping about living in rural, Life has opened one miraculous door after another where finances have been there for me - pretty much the kid of flexibility that I never had in my days as a journalist.

I've decided to enter my own glorious interior palace where I'll rule and reign and watch Life outside rearrange to reflect my own interior world. What you've taught me Jacob, is to focus on my own inner world and the outer world takes care of itself. This seems so simple but sometimes tricky to practice and share with others who aren't of the same asking consciousness.

So, I wanted to bear witness to the many fantastic things that have unfolded and continue to unfold as I open the door to my own inner place.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me contribute to myself and the world around me.

The best is YET to come.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Love is Here

Dearest Jacob,

The better it gets, the better it gets. I must tell you about my birthday this past week.

For the past 30 years, I have played the role of "poor me." I did for everyone else and the things I did were seldom noticed or acknowledged. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas would come and I would receive a gift from my mother (I am an only child) and my adult daughter once she got married. My husband and adult sons to this day seldom make an effort to do anything for me. I felt used, abused, and invisible to those that I cared about and loved.

Then about three years ago I DECIDED that I was not going to wait to be loved. I began loving myself. When special times come around, I do nice things for myself. I buy my own gifts. I buy myself flowers. I stopped caring what others did or didn't do. If I genuinely wanted to do something for them I did so without wanting anything in return. If I did things for others I did it because it made ME feel good. I could care less if they acknowledged what I did or not.

My adult daughter has friend who is an even coordinator at a posh private country club in Orange County. She called to say her friend was going to sign us in for Sunday brunch before my birthday as a birthday gift and my husband and sons were invited as well.

When I showed up for brunch, to my surprise there was a banquet room with friends, family, and a few of my children's childhood friends, all there for my birthday. There was a spread of food, a beautiful cake and lots of presents. I cried with joy when I entered the room and again when opening gifts and talking to everyone. My daughter and one of my sons had planned it all out with the help of her friend at the country club. It was an afternoon that I felt totally loved.

Here's what I realized: 1) I would have been just as happy if everyone forgot my birthday because the attachment to being noticed and appreciated was gone. 2) My consciousness was at a place where I was attracting others to me and as a result was being appreciated and loved. For those 30 years when I felt like a victim, I could not have attracted an outpouring of love towards me like I did at my party.

I am so grateful for your teachings, the various books you recommend, a Course in Miracles and my other teachers. My tithing to you comes back to me, not always monetarily, but in riches beyond measure. Thank you so much Jacob. This shit works . . . party on!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Welcome Aboard

This is a new place for me to share our demonstrations that THIS SHIT WORKS. We are told that "Ideas are strengthened by sharing" and these are the kinds of ideas we need today to neutralize the screaming of the ego thought system.

Feel free to write with your miracles and manifestations. The better it gets, the better it gets.