Monday, February 17, 2020

Miracles Masterclass Manifestations

Hi Jacob!
I can't even say how much your work and lectures have helped me over the years. I love your way if sharing spiritual truth and I hear you more than I hear any other teacher. You're no bullshit way of teaching and your willingness to share truth regardless of what the culture dictates continually inspires me. You are AMAZING!! I'm going to be practicing "when he comes we welcome; when he goes we do not pursue" this week and I can't even emphasize enough how timely and relevant your Saturday YouTube video was for me. 

I've been single for over 8 years and had very little desire or willingness to be open to the possibility of a relationship but over the last year or so I've realized I, more anything else, want to experience a relationship with another human being. At the beginning of the Miracles Masterclass I set the intention to know and experience a relationship with a man. And by following the suggestions you've provided and listening to your lectures, I met someone. And today's my birthday and today is also his birthday. And we are going hiking together. This will be the first time we've actually been one on one. So, the "when he comes, we welcome; when he leaves, we do not pursue" is so relevant to the energy and consciousness I'm embodying today. I've read your "prayer before a date" and I'm ready to see what the universe has aligned for me. 

I love you Jacob! You are so full of truth and light and I'm grateful Faith Holland introduced me to you a decade ago. 

Have a beautiful and blessed day ❤


Friday, February 14, 2020

Garden Report!

Hello, wonderful Jacob!  Happy Valentine's Day, happy Friday, and happy tithing day!  I have been experiencing so much peace and joy and endless miracles already this year, and wanted to share that with you.  

First, I wanted to thank you so very much for the meditations at the beginning of each class.  Going into 2020, you have inspired me to go deeper than ever.  You have helped me to see that I have all the tools and the knowledge, and that the decision is mine.  I committed to meditating every day this year, and I have been using the meditations from the beginning of your classes each morning.  I wake up at 5:00 a.m. before the rest of the family gets up so that I can have my time to rest in God.  I have an amazing and extensive library of your classes and talks from the past few years saved to my Dropbox, and it occurred to me what a storehouse of spiritual riches that is.  I let intuition guide which class/ meditation I do each morning; sometimes I do the same one for a week or more, and sometimes I do a different one each day.  I look forward to this time so much, and it has made a huge difference in the amount of joy and peace I am experiencing throughout the day.  I sometimes do a second meditation later in the day or before I go to sleep, just because I love them so much and they WORK.  I feel this stuff seeping more and more into my subconscious as well as conscious mind, and it is having miraculous effects on my life.  I just wanted to thank you for including meditations with each class, and again, I feel so blessed and abundant to have all of these treasures that you have given me over the past few years!  Thank you!

The miracles have been unfolding in my life every day, and more and more I find I've moved into the consciousness of "of course that happened" instead of "OMG!!!!!  A MIRACLE!!!!!!".  I am so thankful for this flow, but there is a calm certainty about it that is becoming stronger and feels marvelously peaceful!  One specific miracle I've had this past week regards my son Alaric.  He is 11 months old now, and is still undergoing a lot of tests in preparation for his big open heart surgery.  There have been a lot of delays, and tests that needed to be redone, and I felt myself slipping into anxiety over "when is this surgery going to happen?  When will we know?  Why is this taking so long?"  I just kept doing the work; kept writing our Masterclass affirmations, kept meditating, kept doing prayer treatments, kept studying and reviewing notes from class, and so on.  This week, seemingly out of nowhere, I woke up one day and that thought of surgery came into my mind and it was immediately followed by the thought, "I am so thankful I don't have to worry or think about surgery TODAY!"  Peace washed over me.  I realized the miracle had been right there all along:  TODAY I get to just live life and not have to deal with our son's surgery.  Each day I can be grateful for what I have in front of me RIGHT NOW.  It was such a visceral demonstration of the Byron Katie "woman playing with her baby son on the floor" and that was it.  Everything else was just a story.  HOW FREEING!!!!  

This is just an example of the many miraculous moments that have been unfolding in my life.  Another one came about a couple of weeks ago after I finished rereading Edwene Gaines "The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity".  You had recommended we reread it at least once a year, and I got busy doing it right away!  I was amazed at how I was more open to the message and received it on a deeper level than when I had last read it.  I saw clearly how many limiting beliefs around money and prosperity have been healed, and I also uncovered some lingering ones that I am ready to let go of.  One of them was around tithing.  I thought I was tithing well as I do it regularly and I LOVE doing it, but after rereading the book I saw how I was still holding back and still had some fear surrounding tithing.  I have decided to fearlessly step up my tithing game, give even more, and let go of those last fearful thoughts surrounding abundance and prosperity.  The thing is, I HAVE the proof already!  I looked back on my life and saw clearly that I am ALWAYS taken care of.  I ALWAYS have what I need.  I can indeed afford to release those last financial fears, because I am ready to step into faith more fully than ever.

Okay, I could go on forever but I wanted to just give you some highlights of the amazing demonstrations flowing in my life right now!  I am more grateful than ever for you, for this ministry, and for leading us to go more deeply into peace and joy than ever before.  I am directing all of my tithing towards you, because no one has provided the spiritual food that you have, and no one has taught me as much as you have.  All of these miracles are happening because of what you have taught and inspired and called forth in me.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so very much for shining your light so brightly!
I am sending so much love and blessings to you always, and holding the high watch for you and the ministry every day!

Hugs, J.

Monday, February 10, 2020

When the Energies Match Up

Jacob - Got a kick out of this while I was listening to your class mp3 Simply Shine.

I came across these yesterday while cleaning out stuff and clearing my space. Every time my energy waned, the angels would give me a sign of encouragement to keep going. 
Shine- the larger brown dog was my “special” dog- she was definitely an angel sent to earth to watch over me. I keep her ashes in the box Shine on ✨

She transitioned at 16 years of age 4 or 5 years ago. Roxy- the black and white chihuahua mix is still with us and gets more adorable in her old age which is hard to believe.

The collective message of the day 🌟🌞💫?
Shine On

Blessings and gratitude 
and lots and lots of light!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2020

So Sweet

Jacob Honey!

I'm looking forward to the new Blog
It is one (amongst many) of my favourite things that you do for all of us. 
Generally, I wake up in the morning, make a coffee and check to see if there is a new posting. I'm always very excited when there is. Sometimes when I miss a day or two, it's like binge watching a series only it's reading. I love it.

Somehow the personalization of it is soothing for me. It's generally a combination of what's going on ( personally) with you and a lesson mixed in there (that I am reminded of), and so very often I relate! Crazy how that works. I like the realness of it. I feel that whatever I am going through I will get through it okay. It's what makes the lesson and/or the tool(s) needed (at the time) so evident, and ( for me) easier to grasp. The lesson doesn't get lost in the content, because it usually relates to something personally: How you get through what you are going through the up's, the midway's, and the new direction(s) taken when the/your realization hits. 
For me that's what makes you so distinct as a teacher. You are just not reading out of a book, or preaching, you put in life stories ( whether yours or others) in the lesson. 
And when you are doing a lecture with an audience whether two people or 200+ people there is always such a great energy in the talk. It keeps my attention span going. 
I am always so grateful for the recordings when they come. 

You always put so much into what you do. I can so understand why you don't want to be in conversation with anyone before you speak. I liken it to a dinner party. The guests don't see all that went into it before-hand: buying what is needed, prepping, preparing, then cleaning, setting the table, the ambience, plating the food, the list is endless. So so much goes into it, and that is how I feel about your talks. So so much goes into it. 

Thank you for being the teacher you are. Your uniqueness stands out. Your talks and lessons are not diluted, they are full, and real and nourishing. 
I can never find the words to express  how much I appreciate you and who you are.

Big Hugs
R. xoxo

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Yes, This Shit DOES Work!

Dear Brother Jacob, I saw the message you posted that a $5 tithe was better than no tithe and it hit me right where I live. I have been living in such financial fear and even TERROR for some time now that it finally just moved into a dark depression. I just think of myself as poor and hopeless. But, I’ve been watching your 28 day series and getting my peace back again bit by bit. 

Then I read your post and realized that it was time for me to start sowing some seeds of faith as I did many years ago when I was giving and of course doing much better. Somewhere along the way I got lost and dropped a lot of my spiritual practice which led to things just getting worse and worse.

So, I found your mailing address on your website and almost shamefully sent you those 3 single dollar bills. But, once I did that, I actually felt, well, better, more able. And I felt good because I know that you deserve to be paid for what you are giving us all so freely and I didn’t like feeling like a beggar just taking and never giving anymore - THAT really made me feel poor!

As I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you, I am in a completely different space now mentally and spiritually. I got out my Catherine Ponder books again and am cleaning out my closets and saying my affirmations out loud, as you remind us. Sure enough, probably before you even received the money in the mail, I received a card in the mail myself, with $300 from a relative as a late Christmas gift - someone who knew I had been struggling and wanted to send some help! So yes, this shit does indeed work IF I actually do it and live with faith instead of fear. 

Thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing and for feeding us spiritual food so generously. You can expect more tithes from me now as I am back on my highlighted route and intend to tithe my way out of debt and depression! I’m a fan for life! Now, I am not just tithing to get, but in thanks to God for you and for this ministry.

In love and light and gratitude,

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Spiritual Mental Resources AND Reading Recommendations

Can be found at my other blog here - just scroll once you get there and you'll see them on both sides of the webpage. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Making vs. Forcing

The value of deciding in advance what you want to happen is simply that you will perceive the situation as a means to make it happen. You will therefore make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objective and concentrate on everything which helps you meet it.
- A Course in Miracles

You see, there is really nothing wrong with "making things happen" through the power of your mind/thoughts and actions, etc.  What We are really warning you about when We make fun of "making shit happen" is that it usually means you are actually trying to FORCE something to happen - something resistant and that is quite often not at all for your greater good. FORCING is the bashing your bloody head against a door that is locked to YOU. Do NOT overlook your bloody head and all the signs that you are going in the wrong direction! But DO overlook all the old ego doubts, fears and insecurities that keep you from creating the life you choose for yourself. 

DECIDING what you want and then going in that direction is how life is meant to work for you dear Miracle Worker. However, there is a HUGE difference between being a Miracle Worker and a miracle forcer. And this is a matter of practice, practice, practice in CONSULTING and LISTENING to God-Within. This is what your INTUITION and GUIDANCE is FOR - LISTENING, LISTENING, LISTENING, and then learning and DOING. You ARE now learning to TRUST YOURSELF and your GUT. This is FUCKING HUGE.

"Making things happen" is how you go on vacation even. Someone chooses the dates, the destination, the mode of travel, books it all, packs, and on and on. That IS "making it happen" - it doesn't just appear out of nowhere. You're the one. No one is coming to save you or live your life for you. HOWEVER, you are not alone in this and if you start FORCING it to happen and pushing hard through obstacle after obstacle after obstacle, as you probably well know, it's USUALLY not going to be a very pleasant trip. You must remember that GOD WITHIN is YOU - the broader perspective part of you that KNOWS and will GUIDE IF you LISTEN. This means LESS HARD WORK and more simply taking the inspired action.

The purpose of Masterclass is for you to TUNE IN more deeply and frequently than you EVER have before, and then to APPLY what you are LEARNING. Shit's getting good around here, but only if you step up your game and step up to the plate. We're Helping you hit more home runs than ever before. Time to get in the game. Peace is NOT about falling asleep on the bench. It's balance. There's time to hit the ball, run the bases, make the score - and there is time to refresh and rest on the bench while you relax and hydrate. It's best if you are doing some of each every day, every day, every day. Life is meant to be a FUN GAME. Not sure if you've heard that before or not, but chew on it for a while. It's not a game you win or lose, and it's not one where there is a score kept. It's a game that is played for the sheer JOY of the playing. Only those who get caught up in the score and competition end up suffering - and frankly, that is about 99.9% of your human culture. Aren't you glad to be here with Us in Opposite World? 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Flipping the Switch

Brother Jacob - Two things: (1) Miss E. says to please switch us back to mp3, and 

(2) I had an awesome chat with her son, S., the other day. I finally got up the nerve to ask him about the incredible change we've seen in his life...what it felt like from his perspective. To us, it has been a miracle of epic proportions, but we wondered if maybe it was more of a struggle than he let show. He looked me right in the eye and said: "It was that first Father Jacob CD mom gave me back in the Keys. I listened to it over and over on the way to work and back. All the others filled in the blanks, but that first one just flipped a switch."

We both had tears in our eyes, and when I told Ellie later that day, she started in too. We can't tell you enough how much we love and appreciate you.

p.s. We both love the beard!



Hi Jacob -- what I love, and I think you are gifted at, are affirmations. The perfect wording flows from you! I enjoy them every time you do them. Thank you for doing them. 

I also love your messages related to Neville Goddard and Ernest Holmes. 

Thank you, K.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lessons in Love

Hi Jacob,
                I had such a good and concrete learning experience.  My husband and I share a business client.  It is my responsibility to do all the higher level aspects as that is my experience and strength.  As we were in the middle of moving our client’s whole set up changed.  At the time, I just said that it would have to wait.  It is the most complex set up I have ever experienced.  We finally got moved and settled, though I was far from recovered, and I started working on it.

Then my daughter began the birth process for her adorable son.  It was a long process with about 8 days in the hospital total and lots of stress.  I spent much time at the hospital with her.  In between I was TRYING to get this project set up and going.  It kept causing me so much stress and finally I just had a huge melt down.  

There was so much tension between my husband and me that I wasn’t sure I could recover and go on with the relationship (we have been together for almost 50 years and are opposites).  I kept praying, listening to the recordings, and reading the daily blogs.  We made it and are still here.  After 4 months of working on it, I hit the wall again.  I felt like I wanted to quit, but knew that was a bad idea as it is a large part of our monthly income.  Luckily I left town for a week, so knew I couldn’t work on it anymore.  Last week, I started working on it again.  The same level of stress came up for me and I was so unsure of what to do – do I quit or keep pushing through.  Suddenly I realized that I had to tell a different story or it was not going to shift.  I wrote out a note as though I had finished it (like the lunch game idea, but only a few days in the future).  I surrendered it to God-within me, and read that note often over the next few days.  

Yesterday, I was able to finish it and now it is set up so my husband can begin to do his part easily and my part will also be so much easier.  I just had to get through this initial complexity and that is done!!  I get it now and am more committed than ever to giving everything to God-in-me.  Thank you so much for your teaching and support!!


Friday, August 23, 2019

Matching Vibrations

Aloha Jacob, 

I sat down and closed my eyes and meditated for a few minutes today. During that time I was soothing myself, doing a treatment, and aligning with our group. I opened my eyes after a few minutes when I felt complete. 30 seconds later the phone rang and a woman was inquiring about booking a private group class. During my meditation I was raising my vibration and visualizing myself being a match like you described in the blog entry from today. I love how this shit works. Listen, learn, and DO! I am “doing” now more and more. Thank you Jacob, I can feel your joy. 

I love the recordings now more than even. We may not laugh as much, but I am not here to be entertained, I am here to understand principle. Thank you for raising the vibration.  


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Back on Track

Hey brother Jacob,

There's really no way to articulate how wonderful you've been in my life the last few years. 

Thank you for reminding me to do my exercises through your posts this week.

If I can organize my thoughts sufficiently, I'll write you a longer message later with a detailed fruitage report.

For now, suffice to say that I went from emotionless/depressive to joyfully grateful over the last few days. Your words on Facebook and your blog may have saved my life.

Because the universe has perfect timing, Beyonce waited until I had turned back toward the light to release her new single. 😻

This is my new theme song.

I heard the wisdom of Neville echo through these lyrics (because you reminded me to read him). I had a nice cathartic joyful cry the first few times I listened.

I hope you enjoy, if you get a chance to listen.

Much love.


Thank you for letting your light shine.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Vibration, Vibration, Vibration

Jacob, today’s FB livestream was so fabulous and perfect for me.

This is perfect today!  I am doing the E2 book and yesterday’s lesson was using a vibration to have someone contact you.   Sooo it was my open studio.  A man who was liking and commenting on my art, and I’ve been saying to come by( I have met him and want to get to know him) was my vibe.   I also wasn’t sure this other women and him were ‘friends’.  She came yesterday and bought 4 pieces !!!!   We talked awhile etc.   I asked if she knew him and she said no.   When I looked back this morning I realized al this time that this profile was her using a different name online!!!! Which just proves how I don’t even know my best interest or what to make happen!!! So perfect to just put it all in the one goddess hands.   Whew!!!!

Exactly what I need in my tool box. 

Love you to pieces